DIY Floral Garden Nail Art

Thursday 7 May 2015


Spring is finally here, flowers are blooming, and my exams are done!  I was feeling a touch of creativity this week and thought I would venture into the world of nail art once again.  For a girl whose specialities include lines, dots, and glitter tips, attempting to make flowers was a challenge.  Keep reading for my fun, less than perfect results!

You will need...

Your (disposable) artist's palette (I used the back of a piece of beauty related cardboard packaging)
All of your usual manicure materials (base coat, top coat, nail file, etc...)
A few tooth picks
Dotting tool
Base (Julep Randi)
Petals (Essie Blanc)
Details (Julep Jules, Catrina)
Leaves (Payton)

Step 1: Go about your usual manicure routine.  Paint your nails a solid, bright colour.  I decided to use Juelp Randi.  Make sure your polish is dry before proceeding.

Step 2: Haphazardly place a dot in your choice of petal colour in the middle(ish) of each nail using a dotting tool.  I used Essie Blanc.

Step 3: Using the same colour and same tool as Step 2 place five more dots around the centre dot to form a basic flower.  Allow polish to dry before proceeding.

Step 4: Using one of your accent colours (I used Julep Jules) place a small dot in the middle of each flower.  

Step 5: Use your second accent colour (I used Julep Caterina) apply a smaller dot.  I then added a few more dots of each Jules and Caterina to make a multidimensional, artistic flower centre.   

Step 6: Add two green dots (Julep Payton) near the corner of your flower.  These will form the leaves.  Wait a few seconds for the polish to firm up.

Step 7: Using a clean tooth pick, drag the end through the green dot to create a line, and elongate the dot to a leaf shape.  Be gentle, but firm and quick in this process.  They don't need to be perfectly even!

Step 8: Allow for polish to dry,  add top coat. 

Proof that I did this on both hands.

While my manicure may not be perfect, I had a real blast creating this!  What a great way to get me in a spring/summer kind of mood!

What are your inspirations for a spring manicure?

Happy creating xoxoxo

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