Generation Beauty Toronto Day 1 | 2016

Saturday 14 May 2016

generation beauty toronto

Today my friends and I went to Generation Beauty in Toronto.  Overall we had a great time trick-or-treating for make-up, chatting about our boyfriends in line, and taking selfies for product.  Looking forward to another great day tomorrow!  Keep reading for what we got today and our basic thoughts…and lots of pictures!
Make Up Forever

A mini sample of their reformulated foundation, colour matched, plus two of their new Aqua XL liners (Lilac and Black) plus two of their eye shadows customized by look.  I got a pretty blue and a nice shimmery chocolate brown.  Also a mini make-up remover, all in a stunning blue bag.  Part of getting the gift was posting a selfie!

generation beauty toronto make up forever


Full sized primer (I got the purple pore minimizing one), mini mascara if you follow their Canadian account on Instagram (@smashboxcanada)

generation beauty toronto smashbox


Full sized tapered highlight brush (Luxie 522), previously found in some IPSY bags

Too Faced

Brand new, not yet released Born This Way Concealer matched to your skin tone plus a chance to win from the dropping coconut tree.  I “won” a pack of tattoos, my friend won her choice of two different Melted Liquid Lipsticks

generation beauty toronto too faced


Full sized Tartiest mascara plus they were selling number of items at discounted prices, tax included.  Highlights include the Tartelette palette for $43 CAD (In Bloom not available), Blush for $27 CAD, Creamy Matte Lip Paint for $19 CAD and Clay Paint Liner & Brush for $23 CAD.  I purchased a minty green Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner for $20 CAD.


Your choice of shade in their new Gel Colour Lip + Cheek Balm, I chose Posh.  In addition you could purchase 1 of the other shades for $28, or 2 for $38 (regular $28+ tax each)


Your choice of screen printed bags.  I chose “Brows before Beaus”

generation beauty toronto ipsy

Absolute NY

A large spinning wheel to win what works out to usually a lippie.  What you spin determines the finish.  One of my friends won her pick of three lippies, and then a plinko game to win a face product.  However it determines what finish the product has, so rather than winning say a primer or a highlighter, you win a primer for a certain colour correcting concern.  I “won” something that I won’t use because it is to fight yellow and that is not my issue.

Rock Your Hair

The sweetest man was there! We had a chance to select a mini hair spray or a mini dry shampoo, plus all items were for sale for $10.  I got the mini dry shampoo.  If I like it I may buy another one tomorrow.


A foil sample of a shampoo and conditioner

Crown Brush

Free eyeliner, and was selling their brushes.


A deluxe sample sized Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer.  I didn’t understand why their booth was all about their new brow launch, but the gift was a bronzer. 


On Sunday they are giving out a deluxe sample, but today (Saturday) they had a selection of products where you could basically not pay the tax.

Booths we did not visit (yet): Skinfix, Royal, Pur-lisse, Pur, Pixi, Physicians Formula, Essence, Cake, Nyx

The Attendee Lootbag

 generation beauty toronto attendee swag bag

This is the bag my attendee friends get.  I will be getting my ipsyOS bag tonight!  The girls were so excited about the Tarte brush, and I am a tiny tiny bit jealous.

generation beauty toronto

Lunch was expensive and not that great

generation beauty toronto tarte

Our Tarte photo

generation beauty toronto smashbox

Our Smashbox photo

Overall Thoughts:

Tarte had the most organized and efficient line.  Make sure you are not in the line to meet a Youtuber if you actually just want the product…we made that mistake.  Everything is basically a disappointment after you go to the Make Up Forever booth, because, wow.  The food isn’t very good and is rather expensive.  Eat before you go, bring snacks, wear comfortable shoes.  Looking forward to another great day tomorrow!  We made a new friend waiting in the line this morning—that was really nice!  I loved meeting new content creators and am looking forward to following them and reading their content!

Please note that for many of the booths they ask you to follow them on social media (usually Instagram) and usually post a selfie.  I literally posted like 7 selfies in a row.... #sorrynotsorry

What did you think of Gen Beauty so far?  What is on your list for tomorrow?

I attended this event as a member of ipsyOS.  My ticket was complimentary. 

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