Sunday 2 July 2017

tangle teezer brushes

You guys know I have hair for days! IfI had a dollar for every brush I have broken over the years, well let's just say I would have that $500 Dyson blow dryer. As a kid my hair was long and thick and bushy. Since then it has become longer, silkier and more manageable-- I think partly because of being an adult, and partly because I know how to manage it.

For years I felt that "expensive" (re: more than $5) brushes were a waste of money. What could a $30 brush do that a $3 one could not? You know those cheap dollar store brushes that have a rubber insert where the bristles go? I thought it was just normal that those ripped out when they came across a big knot or tangle.

Tangle Teezer has always held a special place in my blogging heart. They were actually the first brand to ever send me a product (you can read my post here). Since receiving that product I have used it more or less every time I get out of the shower. When Tangle Teezer reached out and offered to send me some of their new products I jumped at the chance!

The Ultimate is Tangle Teezer's dry styling brush. Availiable in pink and black, this brush was created for dry-styling. With longer teeth and softer tips, this brush will lightly detangle and add shine.

I find this brush is easy to hold and perfect for getting my Day 2 hair back into a pony tail or a bun. It feels gentle on my hair and maintains my hair texture.

The Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool is a large brush with a rectangular paddle. This purple brush has long and firm teeth that feel like a great scalp massage. I love that my hair is frizz free by the time I am done using this when I blow dry my hair.

I am obsessed with how durable these brushes are. Because they are made from sturdy plastic I can toss them in my bag, use them in the shower, and otherwise not stress about them. I love how gentle they are on my hair. They have both made it into my daily routine and are currently sitting on my bathroom sink counter.

What do you look for in a good brush?

Products sent for review. Opinions are my own!

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