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Sunday 25 February 2018

what to register for at bed bath and beyond canada

Between wedding planning, and things getting a little crazy in my work life (which... if anybody knows what I do for work, they would know that you could probably write a Netflix series to rival House of Cards with everything that has been going on), blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat. I always, always tell my blogger friends that real life comes first. Well, in the last month, real life has been very real, and everything else has become #2. WITH THAT BEING SAID, Yesterday my fiancé and I made some time to stop by Bed Bath and Beyond to start* our registration process. It was really nice to have a bit of a date for the two of us to dream a bit about what our life is going to look like.

*and by start I mean I had already made a registry online and added a few items I knew I wanted to it.

We had booked an appointment in advance, so when we walked in to the store we told the first staff we saw, and were directed to the registry area (which was in the middle of all the fine china) where we were greeted by our Registry Expert, Danica.

Danica walked us through the "how to's" and the perks (mainly a completion event following your wedding where you can get anything still left on your registry for 20% off!) and then we were free to go. She had asked us if we were planning on registering anywhere else, and we told her the truth, that at this point we were also planning to register at The Bay.

I really appreciated that she respected our choice, and didn't have anything bad to say about registering there. She told us it was very normal to register at both, and reminded us about how great Bed Bath and Beyond's completion event is (hello 20% off everything), which I found to be a very classy way to approach the issue. She asked us a bit about what we wanted, and we explained that we already live together, and we were looking to upgrade a few things, but that we wanted to keep our registry tight for two reasons. First, we only have so much space. And second, we would really prefer if our guests gave us money towards our downpayment. Of course we would love to register for all the nice things, but until we have a home of our own, we don't really have space to put it.

We also told her that since we live in an apartment, and since we don't know what our future home will look like, that we wanted pieces that would both fit any space, but also that would transition well for us from where we live now to our future home.

We asked that she join us in the vacuum section first (we knew we wanted one by Dyson, just not sure which) and she walked us through some of the various Dyson options until we found the one that was right for us.

After that we walked through the store section by section as a couple and talked through what we needed, what we wanted, and what we could actually use and have space for. And of course, we also ended up picking up a few things to buy that day-- some place mats, a shower mirror for Stuart to shave with, some Doctor Who coasters on clearance. Things that we wanted now, and also things that were too insignificant to register for.

I thought it would be fun to share with you 6 of the items that I am most excited to have registered for (so far):

Breville Variable Temperature Kettle $199.99

what to register for at bed bath and beyond canada

My loyal readers will know that I love drinking tea, and will probably know that green tea is always and without a doubt my favourite. My current kettle is alright... I guess. But it dribbles all over the place when I make tea, and I would love to upgrade to something nice. Personally I hate kettles that you directly plug in -- I prefer when it is easy to remove from a base. But the best part? This kettle has various temperatures you can set it to, including a green tea setting, so the delicate leaves are not burnt. 

what to register for at bed bath and beyond canada

Something about a great set of bedding really turns a house into a home. While the set of bedding we have is perfectly fine, we figured getting married was a great chance to upgrade. But we are more than upgrading, not only did we register for this stunning grey pinstripe duvet cover and shams, but we also registered for some pale blue euro pillows, a cute throw pillow, and some soft and silky jersey sheets. All together these pieces are going to create a perfect, hotel quality bed. While I would love to have all of the pink things, I know that this is our bedroom, and a nice neutral grey and soft blue pleases both of us, and is so relaxing.

3 Tier Server $69.99

what to register for at bed bath and beyond canada

I love hosting friends at my place, and would love to do so more. And what would make hosting better than having some great pieces to entertain with? I love the simple design of this tray, and that it can hold a significant amount of food-- perfect for big gatherings! And let's be honest, I would never buy one of these for myself!

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum in Titanium $599.99
what to register for at bed bath and beyond canada

Nothing says #adulting quite like a fancy vacuum. We have a small hand vacuum that we use around the cats, but not a big, proper one. The only problem with large transitional vacuums? Where would we possible store one in our apartment? I love the cordless stick vacuums not only because you can use them literally anywhere in your home (or car!) but also because they are compact and can easily fit in a small closet. This vacuum can run 40 minutes between charges (more than enough time to vacuum my whole place) and is specially designed to help with pet hair and dander.

Nambe Harmony Chip and Dip Bowl $129.99
what to register for at bed bath and beyond canada
If I owned a chip and dip bowl like this I would be the kind of person who make home made guac and hosts parties all the time... at least, that's what I tell myself. I never thought I would be excited about a chip bowl, but I think this could look great just out on a table between uses, and I love that it has a seperate little bowl attached for dip. 

what to register for at bed bath and beyond canada
Availiable in 23 different colours, from white to black, from red to blue, from pink to yellow, there is a KitchenAid Stand Up mixer for everybody. While I would LOVE to get the pink one, or really even a coloured one to fit my future home, I have absolutely no idea what my future kitchen looks like. I do, however, know that it will probably have stainless steel (just like this mixer ;) ) and will probably have whites and greys, because guess who loves neutrals! This girl! I think that the white one will be a great piece to transition from our apartment to our future home. We also registered for the blue ceramic bowl, and ice cream maker attachments.

The great thing about registering this far out is that I can still add and edit our list, so if there is anything that you registered for that really impressed you, or that you use daily in your home that you think I would love, please leave it in the comments!

I will do another similar post about registering at The Bay when I do so.

On the way home from the store, my fiancé asked me if I would be okay if nobody bought us anything off our list. Of course I would be okay. These are items that I would (perhaps over some time!) purchase for our home anyways. A gift if a gift, and this is just a personalized guide ;)

What was the best thing you registered for?

Read about my experience registering at The Bay here.

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