Creating Your Perfect Bridal Shower Dessert Table

Tuesday 7 May 2019


homesense winners marshalls wedding shower

In mid-April I had my final bridal shower (and my wedding just a few days ago!)! Earlier in our engagement my future Mother-In-Law hosted a shower at her home outside the city for her friends, and my aunt hosted a wonderful afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms for our families. This most recent shower was hosted in our apartment's party room with all of my friends invited!

I had always dreamed of a beautiful dessert table. Just something about them seem to luxurious, so beautiful, and so fun! I love walking the aisles at Homesense, both alone and with friends. They always have new fun products coming in, and always at such great prices. I actually shop so much there that I ended up getting a few Homesense gift cards as wedding gifts! Were saving up for a home, so once we have one I know Ill be spending those cards.... ANYWAYS, off that tangent and back to the post. I was really happy to find that Homesense had everything we needed to create the perfect dessert table.

homesense winners marshalls  tj max wedding shower

Now, I know that the Bride doesn't traditionally get too involved with her showers, but I love baking, hosting, and pretty things. So, while the hosts were my wonderful Mother-In-Law and Aunt-In-Law to be, they were more than happy to let me try my hand at the desserts!

When I was picking the pieces to create this table, I was looking for timeless pieces that not only would look great at my shower, but that I could also use again while hosting guests, or at my friend's bridal shower later this summer, or maybe even at a future baby shower (not that we're in a rush!). I wanted pieces that were durable, and beautiful. 

DIY bridal shower homesense winners marshalls wedding shower

I started with a beautiful floral tablecloth. Not only is it perfect for my shower, but it's perfect to reuse all Spring long! I felt a table cloth was important to help tie the whole look together. This one really stood out to me because it was feminine and floral without being all pink, all the time. Greenery is very in right now, and I want it everywhere! 

The most important aspect of a sweet table is (other than the sweets) a variety of heights. The crown jewel of this table is, of course, the two tiered dessert stand. This beautiful gold and mother-of-pearl stand was $49.99. It comfortably held the cupcakes, but of course, could also hold scones, or even some savory bites.  

bridal shower ideas homesense winners marshalls wedding shower

I actually made the cupcakes from two mixes that I picked up in Homesense's cooking isle. Both the Princess Enchanted Cupcake Kit and the Unicorn Magical Cupcake Kit retailed for $8.99 and came complete with cupcake mix, icing mix, and sprinkles! These yummy funfetti cupcakes were easy to make, and earned me countless compliments both from my guests, and from my colleauges at the office when I brought the leftovers in the next day! Rather than use the fun multi-coloured sprinkles that the kits came with (which would be perfect for a kids birthday! And the star wands were even included!), I picked up a bottle of pearl styled sprinkles and a bottle of pink sugar style sprinkles! To help the icing look so decant, I picked up an "icing gun" that made decorating a dream. Everybody was so impressed by how pretty they looked, and they couldn't believe that I did it on my own. I even found the pretty pink and white cupcake papers for $7.99 right next to the sprinkles! 

bridal shower ideas homesense winners marshalls wedding shower

I found the small glass domes in the clearance section for only $6, and filled them with macaroons, Lindor chocolates, and other yummy treats, sticking very much in the pink and gold family. The pink truffles were a big hit! 

To help tie it all together, I picked up a set of three plastic white bowls that say "Happily Ever After", "Best Day Ever" and "I Do" and filled them with yummy pre-made popcorn and Terra chips! They even had matching small plates. I can't wait to re-use these at my friend's shower.

To help fill in the background of the tables, I found a cursive white wooden sign that says "love" and another that says "Mr & Mrs" for only $14.99 each! These signs make for a great photo prop, and I will probably even bring them to the wedding! I could even imagine down the road putting them on a fireplace with wedding photos (if we can ever break into the Toronto market, but that's a whole other story!). We even used them to help decorate the restaurant for our rehearsal dinner the night before our wedding.

homesense winners marshalls wedding shower

Not to sound too cheesy, but the hardest thing about setting up my sweet table from Homesense was picking what I wanted. Their selection is always changing, but that's what makes it so fun! I love that I was able to create something in the white & floral family, but I could have just as easily done something white-on-white, white with gold, or even something with a nautical feel. Right now they have loads of Easter stuff in store, which made my floral and gold dreams come true! I love that I will be able to use many of these products again and again, and that I will get to remember such a special day with my favourite people!

It was so wonderful to spend an afternoon with my favourite women. Later on my fiancĂ© even came by with a bouquet of flowers for me. I received so many gifts from my registry, but also so many unique and thoughtful gifts, and cards. My grandma was there taking photos every step of the way, and my bridesmaids were there helping everything run smoothly. I was lucky to even get a photo of my mom, my aunts, my grandmas, and my aunts and mother-in-law to be! It was so fun to see everybody getting along. Hard to believe that the wedding is less than two weeks away! 

Happy wedding planning to all of you brides out there! As I click "post" I am just waiting to board my flight to Tahiti for our honeymoon!

This post is in partnership with Homesense Canada. Opinions remain my own!

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