February 2013 Topbox - Deborah Lippmann Box

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Standard Topboxes have been hit and miss lately and in my experience.  Last month I received the Benefit box.  This month I did not want to risk a standard box, so I ordered the Deborah Lippmann box.  I have heard good things about her nail polish, though was not exactly in love with the two colours.  I figured at very least it would make for something worthwhile to give friends.  I already get more than enough nail polish through Julep (selection window opens tomorrow!!).  But lets give this luxe brand a shot.

No anticipation in opening this box because I already know what I will be getting.

From a re-gifting standpoint, I like that the nail polishes came in the standard clear boxes.

On the left: Swagga Like Us, on the right: Since I Fell For You.

I can't be the only one who thinks this is a pretty odd selections of colours: green-bronze, and a shimmery cranberry?  I find the green rim on the copper polish to be interesting.  I'm not sure how that will play out on the nail.

Swagga Like Us, one coat.

The emerald green is no where to be found!

Swagga Like Us is much more flattering with a second coat.  It is a copper metallic with a weird greenish tinge.  Not exactly a winter colour, this may work well in the summer, or the fall.  The longer I wear it the more it grows on me.

One coat of Since I Fell For You.  Gross.

Coat #2 doesn't make things much better.  This is a fairly weak colour that is more of a stain than anything.  Also, the sparkles are hiding.  In the bottle it is such a pretty and rich colour, but I can't say the same for once it is on my nail.

I was so uninspired by this crappy colour that I gave up on doing a neat job.

Nothing special to see here.  I think I will end up cancelling my TopBox account and just focus on Julep and LuxeBox.  Its not that this was bad, it just wasn't good.  Despite the $40 value (polishes are $20 each at Sephora), and the fact that it only cost me about $12, I know I could have better spent the $12 at Sephora.  I have basically given up ordering the regular box.

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