Colour Pop | Birthday Suit, Rain and Butterfly Beach

Friday 7 August 2015

colour pop review

Last month I made my first Colour Pop order!  I was initially interested in the Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks but by the time I got there they were all sold out!  I'm glad I passed up on those, because I am thrilled with what I ordered instead.  Colour Pop has free shipping on orders of $30 or more in the U.S., but for us Canadians... well shipping is basically an arm and a leg.  On the bright side, cheek products are $8, eyeshadows are $5, and lippies are also $5 making the actual products super affordable.  To make this more manageable for me to write, and for you to read, I am going to divide my order into three posts: cheeks, eyes, and lip.  Today I will be sharing about my cheek products: Birthday Suit and Rain blushes and Butterfly Beach highlighter.

colour pop review

Made in the USA.

colour pop birthday suit butterfly beach rain

The blushes (and eyeshadows!) have a nice printed pattern that remind me of a mermaid's tail.  The highlighter does not.

Clockwise from the top: Birthday Suit, Rain, Butterfly Beach

colour pop butterfly beach

Butterfly Beach is a pretty shimmery golden bronze highlighter.  Butterfly Beach is way darker than the photos on their website so that was a bit of a surprise.  It is actually pretty similar to Becca's Opal.  I like using this for a bronzed beachy look.  One thing that is really neat about Colour Pop's products is the bouncy sponge-like quality texture of the product.  Once blended it is super creamy and easy to work with.

colour pop birthday suit

Birthday Suit is a pretty, flattering neutral blush that looks great with just about everything.  I love applying this with my fingers for a natural and pretty flush.  Not going to lie, messing up the pattern made me super sad.

colour pop rain

Rain is my only purple blush!  I prefer this sort of shade for fall or winter than I do for summer.  I like using this as a contouring blush-- done right it looks natural but different.  I hope that makes sense!  Even though it looks like a purple grape drink, when blended it looks more like a lilac hue than anything else.

colour pop birthday suit butterfly beach rain swatches

Butterfly Beach, Birthday Suit, Rain

colour pop

And the pretty pattern is all gone!

This was my first Colour Pop order!  I am really impressed by how unique the creamy sponge texture is.  I can see why it is so important to make sure you put the lid on tightly after each use!I was also surprised at how shallow the pan is.  Not that it really matters-- I've never really finished a product like this before anyways.  The biggest surprise was how different Butterfly Beach is in real life compared to the photos.  I've found that the best way to apply any of these three is to use your fingers (so many sure you have some wipes on hand!), though I did have some luck using a brush for a sheer wash of Rain or Butterfly Beach.  I would love to leave these in a make-up bag at my desk at work for quick touchups or even for those mornings where I don't have time for make-up!

In terms of my experience ordering from them, my only complaint was that they completely forgot my three Lippie Stix.  I emailed them and they promptly mailed them to me, however its just not the same when you open up the box only to find $15 USD of product missing.  

Each of these products retail for $8 USD.

Have you tried Colour Pop before?  What did you think?


  1. Oh my, Rain is beautiful! So happy you're liking everything. Definitely a bummer that they forgot your lippie stix, though.

    1. I was pretty annoyed about that! They arrived about two weeks later, and I have really enjoyed playing around with them!

  2. Rain is so pretty! I love slightly unusual blush shades like purple and orange. They're so flattering.

    1. Agreed! I think Rain will be a great fall blush colour :)