My Life In Pictures | July

Wednesday 5 August 2015


Had this yummy ice cream crepe at Sicilian on College near Shaw.

July has been such a busy real life month that my blog got a little bit neglected.  Curious about what I was up to?  Keep reading to see my life in photos!  (Not in any real order)

My boyfriend made me fancy French Toast!

I went to see the diving competition at the Pan Am Games!  I was super impressed by the synchro diving.  Enjoyed rooting for Canada and seeing our team place in the medals.

I learned a fancy grown up recipe involving asparagus and parmesan cheese!

Look! I served it with pasta.

I had a day where my brows were on point.

I found this massive chair at Centre Island.

I found this cutie in a barn at Centre Island

And these two little piggies playing

And my playing with the little piggies

I met this Alpaca

And cooled off with my toes in the lake

I was reminded that I live in the best city in the world

And made my first ColourPop order (<3)

I went to an event hosted by Essence where I got to paint and drink wine.

And went out to a wonderful breakfast with my cousin before...

Spending the day at Wonderland!  (You can read about what I packed here)

Loved the view of the Toronto skyline from this ride!

Took this legit selfie at a Jays game (I went to two games in 1 week!)

Tried a David's Tea Tea Pop

Enjoyed a fondu in Ottawa!

And a mimosa!

Found a place that knows ladies want fries and salad.  (Courtyard Restaurant in Ottawa!)

Bought a new iphone charger at Nordstorm.  And shoes.

What were you up to this month?

Let me know what you think of this post!  I'm thinking of making this a regular.


  1. Oh wow! Looks like you had a busy/fun month!
    Woo Colorpop! I want to place an order sometime. I better make use of that US PO box I have now ;)

    1. It was a great month! Hahaha you better! Think of the free shipping :)

  2. You're a pro at selfies! The breakfast food looks delish! Yum yum....I need colourpop in my life soon!

    1. Thank you! I want to make another order, but the USD right now :(