I love...2015 Holiday Gift Set*

Wednesday 23 December 2015

I love...2015 Holiday Gift Set

Where did the time go?  Seriously.  Christmas in two days?  So my family is at that stage in life where it is growing by leaps and bounds, and Christmas means more and more people.  Most of my cousins and I are in that 20-25 age bracket and we are all settling into stable, loving long term relationships (and marriages!!!).  Most of my cousins in my age bracket are guys, which means I am basically getting the female cousins I always wanted (Sorry guys!).  I can't go buying an expensive gift for everybody, but I want to show these lovely individuals that they are welcome to join my family over the holidays.  Enter:  I Love...2015 Holiday Gift Set.

If you include my boyfriend, a total of 4 cousin's significant others will be joining us for something over Christmas.  I figure if my cousins think these ladies are important enough to join us for Christmas, then they are important enough for my family to get them a gift.  I know that when I first joined S's family for a Christmas gathering that I didn't expect any gifts, so the small tokens they got for me were a nice surprise (two Christmases latter and we joke that his parents get me more than they get him!).

I think I will add a $15 Starbucks Gift Card to one of these body washes and then wrap them up in some celo paper.  Maybe toss in some little chocolates!  

The I Love...2015 Holiday Gift Set* includes six special holiday scents: Sugared Cranberry, Iced Coffee, Chocolates & Oranges, Spiced Cinnamon, Mixed Berries and Candy Cane.  Each product is a fair sized mini bodywash/bubble bath.

I have been using Candy Cane as my body wash of choice this week.  I love the fresh, fruity pink scent!  It reminds me of a more subtle Lush Snow Fairy.  As a body wash this is a bit thinner than your average drug store product.  However it works up to a nice bubble lather and leaves my skin feeling nice.  I have used it as a bubble bath once, and found it to be effective: a nice scent, and a not overwhelming quantity of bubbles.  Enough to enjoy the bath, but not to many that I had to put work into cleaning up my bath after I was done!

Sugared Cranberry reminded my of The Body Shop's Strawberry scent.  I really hate the smell of coffee, so Iced Cookie is one of my favourites...mmmmmmm...cookies.  I was the most curious about Chocolates and Oranges  but overall found it smelled just like a Terry's Chocolate Orange (shhh.... don't tell my Dad but he is getting one from me!).  Mixed Berries has a sweet, fruity scent to it that I quite like.  

These products really are the perfect size for travel: small enough to be easy to take with you, but  large enough to easily get a week's worth of enjoyment out of (unless you plan to enjoy a bubblebath!).  I will likely be taking one of these down south with me!

This is a great set to treat yourself to, to give to friends, or to do a bit of both with!  My Mom is already eyeing the Sugared Cranberry! It retails for $14.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart/ Pharma Prix (and will probably be on sale on Boxing Day!).

This set was provided for my review.

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