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Tuesday 27 September 2016


Unlike Danielle (who tagged me in this!), I am not a huge fall person.  My favourite month is June: the sun is shining, its warm but not too too hot and it still feels like spring with flowers in bloom. The best thing about fall is that it ends and then its Christmas. I love Christmas and I live for finding the perfect gift, wrapping the perfect present and curating the perfect stocking.
PS this pic is from Central Park in NYC from when I went there for Gen Beauty NYC!

I love doing tags, and Danielle designed this one, so lets get started.

First off, I should probably explain how I met her. So beauty blogging is a funny business, where on one hand you see the same faces at PR events and eventually you become friends, and on the other hand, you meet normal every day people at events at say Sephora.  So I met Danielle at Generation Beauty Toronto 2016 (read my posts here, here and here) in one of the many lines.  She mentioned that she had a blog and was looking to get more into it. And now here we are!

What is your favourite fall colour?

In the fall I am obsessed with maroon and grey combos, on my nails, as a shirt and sweater, scarves...

What is your favourite fall lip product? 

This fall I am obsessed with MAC's Velvet Teddy.  Love this matte nude with brown undertones. Last fall MAC's D for Danger was my favourite.  It is a stunning deep berry red.  I love both for fall for different occasions (ie: work vs. weekend shopping!)

What is your favourite fall accessory?  

Big cozy scarves, like the one I got in my Fab Fit Fun box, and cardigans!

What is your favourite fall nail polish? 

I haven't had time to wear nail polish in a while! I've been loving Essence "So What", Essie "Topless and Barefoot" or Essie "Now and Zen". I really have been reaching for blue-greys and full coverage nudes as of late. They go with everything and are "fall" without being too dark or vampy.

What is your favourite fall scent? 

The smell of apple cider warming on the stove with sticks of cinnamon. Mmmmmm

What is your favourite fall fashion?

Lulus are fashionable, right?

What is your favourite fall Starbucks drink? 

So... I don't drink coffee...so no PSLs for me. I usually get a Venti Jade Citrus Mint tea, one tea bag in and one on the side. But if I feel like splurging, a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate made with skim milk is perfection.

What is your favourite thing about fall? 

The fact that it ends and then its CHRISTMAS!

Not beauty related but…

What are you being for halloween? 

Nothing? I will probably do a Queen Elsa makeup tutorial though on my YouTube. I don't think there will be kids at our door this year (we moved to a new area), and I won't be going to any parties because I am secretly a 62 year old woman. I am more excited about getting candy for half off at Shoppers on November 1st. Maybe next year once the boyfriend and I are living together we will go to a party, or just stay home.

I am going to add one more question to this tag because I can.

What is your favourite fall hairstyle?

For work lately I am obsessed with French braids. But for out and about I love curling my hair like this:

Honestly, this is my fav look on me for fall :)

I tag any of my readers who want to complete this!

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