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Wednesday 15 February 2017


pacifica super kale shampoo and conditioner

Let me start this whole review with a few key facts. First, it takes something extra for me to feel excited to write a review on shampoo and conditioner. Second, I have a lot of hair and so I go through shampoo and in particular, conditioner at a faster rate than average. And third, I am picky when it comes to my hair products. With all of that in mind, it should mean something when I say that I seriously love this duo.

One of my favourite things about Generation Beauty LA was getting to hang out with one of my blogger friends, Lauren (check out her blog here). We went to many of the booths together, and really enjoyed talking with the lovely lady at Pacifica. While we were there Lauren was gushing about the Super Kale shampoo and conditioner (her review here). Long story short, the very lovely Pacifica lady sent me home with a bottle of each, and I am in love. So, thanks for suggesting these Lauren, and thank you for gifting them, Pacifica!

As you may know, I have been spending more time at the gym, and as a result I have been spending more time as a sweaty individual (but cool win, I can legit feel muscles in my legs now, and I honestly feel that I look healthier). When I get back from the gym I want a shampoo that will cut the sweat and grease out of my hair without totally stripping it. This shampoo manages to clarify, but still leaves my hair feeling nourished-- not an easy balance to meet. It has this really bright and clean green apple-ish fruit smell, and lathers up really well.

The conditioner has a similar smell, which I actually really like post-work out and I find it hydrates and nourished my hair really well. It is nice and thick and feels good on my hair.

Overall I found that this duo left my hair looking and feeling great. Smooth but full of volume, hydrated but clean. I would purchase these again in a heart beat next time I am in the states at Ulta as I understand they are Ulta exclusives. They retail for $10 USD per bottle.

Pacifica is a vegan, cruelty free brand.

These products were provided for my review. Opinions remain my own.

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