Séxūal Paris For Her & For Him by Michel Germain

Tuesday 12 September 2017

Séxūal Paris For Her & For Him by Michel Germain review

Nothing makes me happier than when I get a PR package that I can share with my boyfriend. I'm lucky to get a number of wonderful gifts in the mail every month, but it is always extra special when there is something I can share with him. I was delighted earlier this month to receive not one, but two of Michel Germain's scents. One for me, and one for him!

I probably sound like a broken record, but I love it when Classy On The Run gets to feature Canadian products. As luck would have it, Michel Germain is Canadian! But enough about that... let's get down to business.

This PR package arrived the day before my boyfriend and I were scheduled to go on a double date. I thought it would be fun if we were to each wear the scent that we had been sent. I was more excited about this idea than he was, but for the sake of blogging science he was happy to go along for the ride.

Séxūal Paris For Her & For Him by Michel Germain review

Live la vie en rose. Every spritz is a world where French sophistication dances with romance and love. French blackcurrant veiled with sparkling champagne clementine mixes with passion flower and romantic jasmine. Sophisticated sandalwood and gorgeous amber makes Séxūal Paris always a good idea. 

My bottle of Séxūal Paris was a pretty shade of pink and included a rhinestone encrusted cap. While I prefer a more understated feminine touch, the rhinestones were fun. While on one hand they added a sense of "pizzaz" they also made my prematurely judge this sent as being juvenile. Described as a "Floriental" this scent has top notes of blackcurrant, champagne, clementine and Galbanum, middle notes of passion flower, jasmine and patchouli, and heart notes of sandalwood, amber and vetivert. I think I have mentioned on this blog before how much of a fan I am of jasmine and sandalwood in my perfumes.

The bottle is smooth and easy to hold. While I had expected the scent to be overly sweet, I was impressed by how wearable it actually is. I like that it isn't a heavy scent.

Séxūal Paris For Her & For Him by Michel Germain review

Live the world of undeniably seductive French masculinity. Smoky cardemom mixed with sparkling champagne mandarin blends with French cedarwood and European patchiuli. Sophisicated sandalwood and masculine amber make Séxūal Paris pour homme always a good idea. 

My boyfriend's bottle of Séxūal Paris pour homme came in a deep navy bottle of the same shape and size as Séxūal Paris. At first glance I thought the bottle was black, but when I photographed it under bright studio lights I noticed the blue shift to the bottle. With top notes of smoky cardamom, champagne mandarin and sage, pour homme is rounded out with middle notes cedarwood, fir balsam and patchouli. Heart notes include modern amber oak moss and sophisticated sandalwood. With men's scents I am afraid that I am not as good at identifying what notes I like in a scent, I either like it, or I don't. It either smells manly and sexy or it smells like it was made for a 13 year old boy who thinks Axe is the epitome of fine fragrance.

When I asked my boyfriend what he thought of the scent, he said that he liked it and would wear it again. I like that pour homme smells deep and sexy. Let's just say that if he were to wear this again on a date I wouldn't complain!

Séxūal Paris (which also happens to come in a few other varieties!) can be purchased at Husdon's Bay, Macy's and Bloomingdale's.

Séxūal Paris retails for $94 for 75 mL or $107 for 125 mL.

Séxūal Paris pour homme retails for $79 for 75 mL or $100 for 125 mL.

This was my first time trying fragrances by Michel Germain and I was impressed by how lovely both of the scents were. Plus, he gets bonus points in my books for having his wife, Norma, be the inspiration behind the scents!

Products sent for review. Opinions remain my own!

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