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Sunday 15 February 2015


Lipgloss was probably my introduction to the wonderful black hole that is make-up.  Well, Lipsmackers in Strawberry Kiwi, to be exact.  I should have known I would become a make-up horder as I grew up when my Lipsmacker collection exceeded 40.  Not much has changed I suppose.

I was not the most impressed with Julep launched their lipgloss collection-- anybody can make a lipgloss.  They market these having whatever special regenerating cell thingie it is that they put in everything.  Annnnyways this post is to share with you my collection of their lipglosses that I have grown to love and have acquired though mystery boxes, discount orders, and more.  

Once a collector, always a collector. Wonder how my old TY Beanie Babies are doing in storage.  Probably, obviously, worth $1000s now, as an investment.  With the tags still on.


I will say it once.  They all have an off-vanilla flavour.  This sheer pink gloss is pretty, but a but too sweet for me.  Layered on top of a pink lipstick, it can help you achieve that Victorias Secret look.  Wear time for any of these is pretty typical for a gloss- short.


This warm, watermelon shade is pretty and flattering for daily wear.  I have used up about half a tube.  I like that the shimmer is minimal and that it looks pretty and natural with everything.  I would consider re-purchasing if I ever run out.


How cute are these names?  Awestruck is probably my favourite.  Nude with some golden glitter, I love how sweet yet sexy of a pout can be made with this lovely colour.  I would highly recommend this one.


I should note that many people complain that the packaging leads to these exploding or otherwise breaking.  I have never had this issue.  This gloss has a bit more pigment, in the Marsala family.  I would even describe it as a "my lips but better" shade, flattering for many occasions. 


Looooooool so I mainly wanted this one for the name.  It has a more unique finish, maybe a bit frosty?  I quite like it.  The rosy pigment is great for subtle sweet looks, and the name, *swoon*.


Wanted for the name, kept for the colour.  I have always loved "black honey" lip products, and this is no exception.  The boldest of all of the Julep lip glosses that I own, I like it that way.

Adored, Enchanted, Awestruck, Splendid, Charming, Posh

Adored, Enchanted, Awestruck, Splendid, Charming, Posh

Adored, Enchanted, Awestruck, Splendid, Charming, Posh

Adored, Enchanted, Awestruck, Splendid, Charming, Posh

My favourites are Enchanted and Awestruck.  Again, how beautiful and fairytale inspired are these names?  So sweet.

What is your favourite Julep lip glosss?


p.s.  Happy post-Valentines Day!

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