My Custom MAC Palette | March (Satin Taupe)

Thursday 31 March 2016


custom mac palette cost

Every month this year I am adding one shadow to my 15 pan MAC pro palette.  With prices dropping from $12 per pan to $8 per pan that just got a whole lot easier!  If you want to hear something crazy... single shadows remain $19.  So when buying your first MAC shadow you can either spend $10 on the palette, $3 on the plastic insert and $8 on the shadow, plus $8 for every additional shadow, or $19 each and every time.  You do the math.

Now these changes were not in effect when I purchased my March shadow, but they will be for April! This month I decided to add Satin Taupe to my collection.

mac satin taupe star violet blackberry swatch

Satin Taupe is described as a "taupe with silver shimmer" with a Frost finish.  This medium taupe is very much a grey brown.  It has a soft and bendable texture.  However on the skin is appears warmer than in the pan.  This is such a lovely colour-- I really like this shadow on my lid.

I am excited to be at this point in my palette because I really feel like it is starting to come together. The top row is starting to shape up to be golds and champagnes. Clearly the middle row houses my favourite shades of plummy purples and taupes.  I think the bottom row will house some blue-ish shades, but I haven't fully decided.

custom mac palette

1 - Jest
2 - Woodwinked
3 - Yogurt
4 - Satin Taupe
5 - Star Violet
6 - Blackberry

Building this palette is really interesting because I'm not simply buying my favourite eyeshadow every month.  I really am trying to build my own custom palette that will have everything I could want to create a full look.  That means making sure I have the right mix of matte, shimmer, dark, mid-tone, and light shadows.  It also means buying it in an order that makes sense.  I also think I have learned how to better swatch eyeshadows!  So yay for that!

The other thing that has been interesting to note is that every time I go and swatch Jest at the store and its not until I turn it over that I realize I already have it.  Honestly it looks totally different in the store's lighting than it does in my own room.

I think my palette needs a navy, a pop of colour, a pop of shimmer for under my brow (Ploof!) has recently caught my eye!), and a cream or bone shade.  I generally am interested in staying away from browns only because between the Gwen x Urban Decay palette and all of my Nakeds I am more than good.

Any suggestions as to what I could add to this palette?

(Yes I know I am cutting it pretty close to the wire on this March post!)

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