Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Palette

Saturday 9 July 2016

anastasia beverly hills glow palette that glow

Anastasia Beverly Hills recently released two new Glow Kits.  I purchased the "Gleam" palette which is more flattering on fair complexions, where as "That Glow" would be more flattering on darker complexions.

Gleam comes with four highlighters: Hard Candy, Mimosa, Starburst and Crushed Pearl.  Each can be removed and replaced when you run out.  They come cased in a silver cardboard palette.

anastasia beverly hills glow palette that glow

To give you a size reference compared to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit.

anastasia beverly hills glow palette that glow

I popped a pan out of the Contour Kit to show that the highlighter shades are much larger, also much creamier!

anastasia beverly hills glow palette that glow

These powders are very finely milled-- very easy to blend together if you are interested in wearing more than one at a time.  These metallic powder highlighters are perfect to create a glowing, radiant look!
anastasia beverly hills glow palette that glow

I want to address the obvious elephant in the room.  Why is the palette broken?  Great question!  I ordered it when it was released from Sephora because I mean... look at it.  It arrived poorly packaged. When I opened it it was a total mess!  What you see in this post is my attempt to press it back together.  At first Sephora offered me my choice of a refund or for them to ship another palette.  I opted for another palette because that's why I ordered it.  Anyways they then came back to me to let me know that since I was Canadian that they couldn't ship me another one and I had to get a refund. And then to make it better they offered me some points.  I was really annoyed because somehow they managed to ship me one when I paid for it...but when it arrives damaged on their end they can't?  I probably will not order another once since they did not ask for me to ship it back, but it really is a mess to use and results in major fall out.  Sephora, I love you.  But sometimes...

anastasia beverly hills glow palette that glow swatches

Based on the swatches I know that I would wear Crushed Pearl the most.  Mimosa reminds me of BECCA's Opal and I think it would be lovely in the summer!  Starburst and Hard Candy are both a bit pink for my liking, but they appear much less pink when worn than I expected. 

My favourite of the four highlighters is Crushed Pearl.

Are you planning on getting this palette?

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