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Tuesday 31 January 2017


I'm the girl who has half of her wedding planned since I was 16-- makes sense given that I am also the kind of girl to start a blog devoted to makeup, travel to the other end of the continent for a beauty conference, and take pictures of flowers basically every time I see them. When the team behind the Spring National Bridal show reached out to me to see if I would be interested in working with them to cover their upcoming show I was first flattered, then a tiny bit confused (I'm not engaged!), and then honestly really, really excited. Keep reading to learn a bit about the upcoming show, a bit about where I am at in my relationship, and why I think now is a great time for me to go to the show.

I've always thought weddings were the most beautiful things. Let's just say when I was about 19 or 20 I was going on a Pinterest pinning spree, pinning all of the pretty wedding things my heart desired, and then my older cousin texted me asking me if there was something I wasn't telling her...hahahaahahah nope, I just wanted to save them for later!

The Show

You can learn everything you need to know about the show here. Brides get in free, and general admission is $18. The show runs on Friday February 3rd from 5-9 pm, Saturday February 4th from 10am-7pm and on Sunday February 5th from 10 am to 6 pm. at the Enecare Centre (formerly the Direct Energy Centre) at Exhibition Place, Toronto, Hall D.

Michael Hill will be providing jewellery for the fashion shows over the course of the weekend (so expect to see some Instagram stories of that as I find some dream gown inspo!), and I will be presenting on behalf of Simple Skincare at their Wedding Hacks sessions about skincare rituals and routines!

Update: Use code "CLASSY" to save $3 off a $15 ticket when purchased on line here. (I don't make a sale commission).

My Relationship

I have been with my wonderful, wonderful boyfriend for almost four years now. We are currently looking at apartments, and are very much looking forward to moving in together and starting our life. (Edit! We found a place and could not be more excited!) With him wrapping up law school, and us planning a trip to Europe, the fact that we are planning to spend our lives together comes as a shock to precisely nobody that knows us. Honestly, the adults in our lives (beyond our parents!) remind us that the diamond can be small now, and bigger later, and hey, there's no time like the present. I promise that we have a plan. And the plan is this, we will move in together in April, we will go to Europe in July, he will start work as an articling student in August, we will get a cat at some point, and then we will get engaged.

Why I Am Going (And Who I Am Going With)

That is to say, we are not currently engaged. However, we have names for our future kids already picked out, the colours for our wedding basically picked out, and an idea of where we would like to honeymoon. The only thing that we aren't so sure on is our budget. My parents have given me an idea of what I might expect, and we know his parents plan to contribute something. We are hoping to get a better idea of what they can give and of what we can afford over the next few months.

What makes this show such great timing for me ( he's not coming!) is that it will allow me to chat with vendors, get an idea of what things cost, and what things look like, how many people we can afford to invite, and all of that good stuff, without the pressure of having to decide today. This way if I see the dreamy details I have always hoped for at my wedding are perhaps a bit more expensive than I thought we can make a plan to start a more aggressive form of savings. The way I see attending this show, its an exploratory mission so I can gather the facts I need to build my budget.

Now, who am I going with? I promise that Instagram picture isn't random. I am looking forward to going with my friend Brianna. She was a big help in helping me style and shoot these photos, and has kindly agreed to help again with the photography (so I can be in some photos while we are there!). She is always so much fun to do girly things with, and let's just say I would not be surprised if she was standing up front at the church with me in a year or two wearing something flowy and navy.

Why You Need To Revisit Your Childhood Wedding Dreams

When I was a kid (well, 16) I thought that the only way for a dress to be pretty was if it was strapless. I always figured my dress would be strapless, sparkly, big...and now that I am getting closer to that point that just is not the vision I have.

If I had to describe my current dream dress, it would have a delicate corset back, a very wide neckline with gentle floral lace, and it would be flowey, though I think the little round white buttons down the back are cute too. I am most excited to see some dresses, because let's be honest... every girl's wedding dream starts with the dress.

Anyways all of that is to say I am so excited to attend the Spring National Bridal Show with one of my best friends and for us to learn more about the wedding planning process. I am going to be tweeting up a storm while we are there, and sharing some fun moments on my Instagram Story, so stay tuned! I am also going to be sharing a blog post about our experience at the event.

PS-- did I mention that after a long, hard day learning about weddings that we are going to Winterlicious? Can't wait :D

Do you have any wedding planning tips, or things that you want to include in your wedding one day?

This post was sponsored by the National Bridal Show. Opinions & excitement remain my own. This is part of a coverage series I am working on with them, so if you love talking weddings and romance, check back over the next week or two!

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  1. So excited! I cannot wait to attend this with you. I feel like even though we're there covering the event we still are pre planning a wedding (who says you need the ring to start!)