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Tuesday 7 April 2015


Shoppers Drug Mart has a fantastic points program.  If you do it right, you can get away with spending about $500 on products to get up to $200 in free products.  I tend to shop at Shoppers for everyday items, from household supplies to nail polish remover, birthday cards to hostess gifts.  By strategically shopping with coupons that they email me, and on 20x the points/18 500 bonus point days I can usually get away with redeeming 95 000 points (the highest redemption level) twice a year.  To get more bang for my buck, I always wait to redeem on bonus redemption weekend where 95 000 points nest me $200 rather than $170 in products.  Keep reading to see what I picked up!

I have had my eye on Dior Star Foundation in "010" for quite a while.  I find that Dior foundations work best for my skin.  Their "010" shade is pale enough for me, but also is in the neutral family.  I often struggle with foundations being either too yellow, or too pink for me.  Despite being ridiculously pale, I don't have the pink undertones of most of my Anglo-Celtic family (thanks for the Eastern European genes, Grandma!).  At the same time, I don't have yellow undertones.  I find Dior to have the perfect neutral tone for me.  I usually use Dior Nudeskin "010", but was looking to pick up a higher coverage product for fancy events.  Can't wait to report back on this one!

Benefit can hype up a product like nobody's business, so I was excited but skeptical in picking up Benefit Puff Off.  I love the cooling "iron" shaped tip and liked the results in the store.  This was a bit of an "on a whim" purchase for me, so I am looking forward to playing around with it a bit more.

Given that I have more than enough Smashbox to last me a while, and they were sold out of the other Dior and Guerlain products I was interested in, I ended up paying a fair bit of attention to the Benefit counter!  A few months ago I was getting a make-over, and the artist used Benefit Rockateur Blush. I had never really given this blush much thought, but I ended up loving the shimmery-but-not-sparkly finish and the warm nude hue.  I have been using this a fair bit, and know that that will continue as I move from frosty winter looks to sun-kissed summer!

Last spring I was all about Benefit's R.S.V.P. cream eyeshadow, and this year I thought I would give another of their shadows a shot.  Benefit Bikini-tini Cream Shadow stood out to me for its pretty, shimmery nude look.  I can't wait to play around with this!  

Every girl has those few high end products that she wants.  For me, one of those is Guerlain's Meteorites "02 Clair".  Something about the super luxe packing, the smell, and the whole ambience of the product just makes me want it.  I finally caved at Shoppers and added it to my shopping cart, because hey, why not, its free!  I have used it a few times, and while the finish doesn't show up well in photos, it really does add a lovely dimension to my face.  You will be hearing more about this product!

I walked away paying about $60 for this haul: I went over $200 by about $20, and then had to pay the tax on the total bill.  While paying the tax on a $200 purchase isn't fun, at the end of the day I got to totally splurge on about $300 worth of make-up (tax inc.) for $60.  I highly recommend learning how to maximize your Shoppers points so you can spruce up your vanity every so often.

What is the last thing you redeemed points for?  xoxo 

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