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Wednesday 8 April 2015


Every time the 20th of the month rolls around, I can't wait to log on and select my Maven box.  I'll be honest, at first glance I was not too excited about this month's selection.  I tend not to lean towards the brighter colours, so...yeah.

However, I was really excited about the brow product, so skipping was not an option.  Now that I have my box in hand, I am really glad I ordered it.  Keep reading to find out what I ordered, what I got, and for a mini-review of "Don't Leave Your Brows At Home"

I ordered Randi, April, and Don't Leave your Brows at Home in "Warm Brown".

I received Randi, Angie, and Don't Leave your Brows at Home in "Warm Brown".

The funny thing is, Angie, a silver holographic polish, was only available as an add-on.  I opted not to order any add-ons, but somehow this ended up in my box!  I'm not complaining, after calling Julep they apologized and April is in the mail, and I get to keep Angie!  I don't tend to wear silver or sparkly.  After giving my first holo a try I can honestly say that they aren't for me.  But I am glad I tried it!

Don't Leave your Brows at Home is a really innovative brow product.  As slim as a lipgloss, unscrew one end for a brush and unscrew the other end for the product.  It blends the convenience of a pencil, and the power of a gel!

The brush is a soft, synthetic material.  The downside is that the hairs are slippery.  I much prefer stiffer brow brushes. 

The brow product is small, but I have a feeling it will last a while.  When I run out I will refill it with my usual dip-brow by Anastasia Beverly Hills.  Compared to ABH's Dip Brow, it is more in the powder/wax family than the gel/cream family of brow products.  Each serves a different purpose.  In terms of product I still prefer the ABH option, but this format is so convenient! 

I swatched the product, and had a heck of a time removing it!

Here I am (in the car) wearing Don't Leave your Brows at Home!  I found it took a while to apply as it is difficult to get too much on the brush.  It takes a lot of gently, firm strokes to build this up to the look I like.  I wish the product was a bit smoother so it would be easier to apply.

No flash: Angie, Randi

With flash: Angie, Randi. 

I will say that Angie lights up nicely!

A full manicure wearing Randi.

Randi is by far my favourite of the two.  It is a beautiful mid-tone hot pink that applies like a dream and is nearly opaque with one coat.  I can't wait to wear this beauty in the summer.

Angie, on the other hand, I just don't love.  I know that many ladies in the beauty community go head over heels for holos, but I find that it just doesn't go with my style.  I much prefer satins and cremes!  I will probably pass this on to my younger cousins.  It really is neat how it lights up with flash photography, but I will stick to my neutrals and pinks.  Thankfully I did not pay for Angie, and April should be here next week!

Inspirational quote!

Bonus: Julep Discount Codes!

SPRING30 - 30% off your purchase, two uses per customer
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