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Friday 12 February 2016

demeter fragrance library lavender jasmine

Once I was at the department store testing out different perfumes.  The guy working one of the counters came up to me and asked "how many perfumes do you own" and I answered (at the time) "About five".  He said "You probably only own two different perfumes, but five different brands.  You own five brands of perfume".  What he went on to say was that most consumers love the same scent profile and so they buy it over and over and over again.  While I make no apologies for my collection (which I will get into later), this conversation came to mind when I took a whiff of my favourite scent that I will be sharing with you today: Jasmine.
Demeter makes a whole bunch of different single note scents that you can collect and blend to your heart's content.  I was sent a blending duo of Jasmine/Lavender ($35) and a trio of Gingerbread/Hawaiian Vanilla/Angel Food ($45).  Each bottle is 1 oz.

demeter fragrance library lavender jasmine

Jasmine was my favourite of all the scents.  It has such a rich depth that just reminds me of all of my favourite things.

Lavender was a bit too strong for my liking, but it did make its way into my final blend.

Gingerbread was sent to all of the bloggers.  To be honest, I don't really like eating gingerbread, and while it did smell like a bakery, I would be more likely to spray this around my home than on my body.

Angel Food was just a beautiful simple sweet scent that was really fun to work with.

Hawaiian Vanilla is another scent I really enjoy.  It smells like a tropical, floral vanilla and I love it! 

demeter fragrance library lavender jasmine

The blending duo came with an empty bottle, some little squirters and testing strips.  

In designing my own scent I decided that there were no rules.  I knew the only scent I didn't love was Gingerbread, and I also knew that I was in love with Jasmine. I tested out some different combinations by making scent clouds in the air to waft in.  I finally decided on this combination:

5 parts Jasmine + 3 parts Lavender + 1 part Angel Food + 1 part Hawaiian Vanilla
Classy On The Run

While my label did not turn out as expected, I was really pleased with my scent!  I love the the Jasmine is by far the strongest scent, but that it is tempered by some sweeter and softer elements. My perfume was a good wear time, and I have received several compliments on wearing it.  When they ask what it is, I say it is custom ;)

Demeter has a whole bunch of duos.  Some of the other ones I found interesting included Clean Skin/Sunshine and Baby Powder/Patchouli.  In terms of the trios I love the idea of Sunshine/Salt Air/Jasmine.

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Products were sent for my review as a part of the #CBBFoolProofBlend by Demeter Campaign with the CBB.

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