My Custom MAC Palette | February (Woodwinked)

Monday 29 February 2016

custom mac palette cost

So despite February being extra long this year (hello Leap Year!) I've still managed to put this off until the last possible minute.  As a quick recap, every month I am purchasing a single MAC eyeshadow (in January I started with a base of 3 and then added 1 for January) such that by December 2016 I will have 15 eyeshadows for a completed 100% customized palette.  This month I purchased "Woodwinked".  Keep reading for my thoughts on this shadow!

mac star violet woodwinked jest

Each single MAC shadow retails for $12 CAD ($19 if you need the case).  The palette cost $10 and the insert was $3 (I think) for the 15 shadows.  Bonus?  I know I will love every single shadow in my palette.  Con? Wanting to buy all of the shadows at once!

Woodwinked is described as a "warm antique gold" with a Veluxe Pearl finish.  This warm, rosey gold swatches richly and would be flattering on a range of skin tones.  I mainly intend for this shadow to be used on my lid, but I also think it could be a neat transition shade for rich purple shadow to get that sunset look that is all over my Instagram feed.

Funny story, I knew that this was the shadow I wanted for the month, but I had to go into my MACon three occasions to find it because it was super back ordered.  I was pretty delighted when I finally got my hands on it!

mac star violet woodwinked jest yogurt blackberry

Here is where my palette is so far!  Right now I am thinking of having the top row as neutrals, the middle row as purples and the bottom row as a surprise!  Any guesses?  I'm having lots of fun putting my palette together, but I am also trying to resist the urge to plan it like a grid and instead to just buy whatever shadow catches my day that month.  Wish me luck!

What shadows do you recommend I try next?  I think I am in the market for an under brow highlight and a nice matte taupe... :)

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