Generation Beauty Toronto Day 2 | 2016

Monday 20 June 2016


generation beauty content creator swag bag toronto

Content Creator swag bag.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to attend Generation Beauty as a Content Creator as a member of ipsyOS.  During the weekend I posted my Day 1 review. I am here today (quite late-oops) with my thoughts on Day 2.
Read my thoughts and swag from Day 1 here.


NYX allowed you to pick between a few different shades of lip palettes.  There was also a vending machine that gave out chocolate bars, each bar had a coupon that could be redeemed for a free gift with purchase for a shadow primer, or a little palette.  The catch?  The coupon was only good at their new Eaton’s Centre location, and expired end of day Sunday.  You could also win a massive prize, but obviously most people got the gift with purchase.

Royal Langnickel Professional Makeup Brush

generation beauty toronto 2016

With my friends!

We were given a pretty blue little shadow crease brush.  Despite the fact that they had loads of brushes to touch and look at, they weren’t selling any (unlike Luxie and Crown). I asked why and they said they were an American company, but that they shipped to Canada.  I figured shipping would be expensive…but a quote from their website says "For Canada and Mexico, a shipping rate of $27.95 will be charged for all orders.".  Anyways lots of girls were buying Crown and Luxie brushes, and it just seems like a wasted opportunity for them to sell product.


generation beauty toronto 2016

I want one of these.

Mini of their new 21 use Everything Balm.  (I now have one from an ipsy bag, and a full size from the Content Creator bag!)


On Saturday they told me that they were only giving samples on Sunday.  When I got there at 1:00 PM on Sunday they were all gone.  So far I haven’t been able to find out what the sample was, but if you love Caudalie stay tuned for something really exciting later this summer!


A matte red lipstick and a chance to purchase 5 items for $15 that are not yet in Canada.

Physicians Formula

You could get 1 item for your ticket and a second if you posted a selfie and tagged it.  You could choose between a stick blush, stick bronzer or a BB Cream. I picked the bronzer and the BB cream because I got the blush in my content creator bag at the cocktail party the night before.

Pixi By Petra

Pixi was giving out a sample size of their glow mask, and selling some products including their face spray.  I also heard that they are working hard to re-enter the Canadian market, since Target left Canada.  Here’s hoping!


PUR was selling lots of their products at a good discount (somebody said 40% off?), and then you could redeem for a double ended eyeliner in a colour of your choice.


Pur-lisse was giving out a little sample of their eye serum.


By the time I got there they had run out of their samples, but they were still giving out hand massages in their chair, and they felt SO good.  I was excited to hear that they are from Halifax!  Everybody got a full size hand cream in their Sunday bag, and I also got one in my content creator bag.

Evelyn Iona

Not really sure…but they were on the website?

The Attendee Lootbag (Sunday)

Apparently the bags on the left and right were different in that one side had a Luxie brush and the other had a shampoo.  Both days my friends got the shampoo bags, but one was able to trade for a brush.  It would have made more sense for both sides to have the brush one day and the shampoo the other.  Other highlights included a Pixi bronzer and the Pur-lisse mask.

Cocktail Party

generation beauty toronto 2016

Loved chatting with the lovely Hanan (of Hijabs by Hanan)

generation beauty toronto 2016

Enjoyed getting to know Emily of Posh Poor.  Can't wait to see her again soon!

generation beauty toronto 2016

It was really cool to meet Desi Perkins!

On Saturday night I had the opportunity to attend the Cocktail Party for content creators.  It was so great to meet so many other bloggers/Youtubers!  Everybody was so nice, and had such a positive attitude.  There were some different photobooth type stations, and an open bar.  Near the end of the evening the creator bags were distributed, and they did not appear to have any of the problems that LA had.  I also had a chance to chat with Desi a bit and she was so lovely—I can see why so many people love her.  I got my bag without any issue, chatted a bit more, and then went back to my hotel and ordered Swiss Chalet with my friends.

Day 2 Swag Bag

generation beauty toronto 2016 swag bag

What a great swag bag!

Overall Thoughts

generation beauty toronto 2016

Gen Beauty made me want a ring light.  

Overall I thought that Gen Beauty was great.  It appears that there were less brands in Toronto than in New York or LA, but honestly that was kind of to be expected.  I would say that most booths were pretty generous.  If you are coming to Gen Beauty I suggest bringing your own tote bag, some cash, comfortable shoes, some friends, and an Instagram account.  Seriously, so many booths were asking for Instagram photos in exchange for product it wasn't even funny.  I am the most excited about my gift from Smashbox, Too Faced and Makeup Forever.  Also! Get there early, bring some snacks, and have lots of fun!  I hope that IPSY thinks this event was a success, because I would love for them to come back and to do it all over again!  I may even go to the NYC one if I can get a few friends... :)

OH and PS.  Watch my FIRST EVER YOUTUBE VIDEO here.  Please subscribe because I am buying a new camera this month and once I officially launch my channel I will be doing a 500 subscriber and a 1000 subscriber giveaway.  I've got some great stuff stashed away so stay tuned! Gen Beauty inspired me.  What should some of my first videos be about?  Leave me some comments with suggestions.

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