How I Get Through Long Flights

Wednesday 1 June 2016

tips for surviving long flights

I love travel about as much as I love beauty, the difference is that I can afford to spontaneously buy a higher end lipstick on my lunch break.  I'm not quite at the point that I can do that with a trans-Atlantic flight (one day... #goals). While I've flown a fair bit over the last few years, I have yet to perfect packing light.  Thankfully, I have perfected just about every other aspect of achieving maximum comfort while soaring through the clouds.

Selecting Your Seat

This one all comes down to preference.  If you are taller you may prefer exit row seats and aisle seats. However when it comes to being able to sleep I always book a window seat.  Not only can I ball up a sweater, lean on the wall, and fall asleep, but I also don't have to get up whenever other people want to go to the washroom, maximizing my sleep time.  The last time I had an aisle seat the Air Canada flight attendant actually whacked my arm with the snack trolley and then rather than apologise she came up with an excuse.  I ended up needing ice.  When travelling with my boyfriend I prefer for him to take the window, and then I can sit in the middle and lean on him.

Picking the Right Outfit

I'm not a celebrity.  Nobody is waiting around the corner to snap a picture of me looking like a normal person, because I am a normal person.  I like to wear a pair of Lulu Lemons with a loose, soft t-shirt, and a cozy cardigan.  As for shoes I like something easy to slip on and off (such as my boat shoes).  In my carry on I pack a pair of warm, fuzzy socks (currently my go-to is a pair of T-Max Solid Thermal Crew Socks from Marks Work Wearhouse - $9.99 CAD) and an extra sweater or blanket.  I find I get very cold on flights so bundling up is important to me! Nothing wrong with slipping your shoes off, so long as they don't smell.  If your shoes do smell, bring an extra plastic bag to put them in.

Make Me Down

I'm all about winged liner and red lips...for short-haul day time flights.  If I am flying overnight my skin becomes my only concern.  I make sure that my skin is clean, clear, and moisturised.  You wouldn't fall asleep with a face full of foundation, so why would you do it on a plane?  I keep my night cream in my purse and my favourite face wipes, Ole Henriksen's The Clean Truth 10 pack ($10 CAD) 30 pack ($19 CAD) on hand so I can wipe my face in the morning.  These wipes make me feel fresh and clean when it is time to get off the plane.  Plus!  They do not count towards your TSA liquid quantity.  I also keep a small bottle of dry shampoo in my bag.  Currently loving Rock Your Hair's dry shampoo, which I was given at Generation Beauty!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Planes are basically dehydrating boxes in the sky that can whisk you to magical places.  Not only is it important to drink lots of water on the plane, but you should also pack some hand cream, lip balm (currently enjoying the no-nonsense Chop Saver SPF 15 balm*) and face cream to keep your skin happy while en route. I find flights to be really drying, so I make it a priority to stay hydrated in every possible way.

tips for surviving long flights sleep mask

Time For My Cat Nap

My sleeping mask (from Sephora) is the best investment I have made when it comes to air travel.  Last year I was flying to Germany and all of the lights on the plane went off, except for the one right above my eyes. The flight attendants couldn't do anything about it, I hardly slept, and my first day in Berlin was exhausting.  Ever since then I've flown with my sleeping mask and I've never looked back.  My sleeping mask is part of the reason why I don't fly wearing mascara: If I do my lashes get all clumped and it is quite uncomfortable.

My Carry-On

Typically airlines permit you one carry on and one personal item.  I use a large purse as my personal item, and fit my laptop and camera bag in it.  As for my carry on I like to use a smaller roller bag.  In addition to a change of clothes, two pairs of underwear, a toothbrush, mini toothpaste and deodorant I also pack most of my make-up.  Since packaging adds up, packing my make-up in here saves me some weight that could otherwise push me over the limit in my checked bags.  I try to leave space for souvenirs.  Since the electronics make my purse quite heavy the roller bag allows me to rest my purse on top while talking through the airport.  In terms of entertainment I am generally happy with a book, my iPhone (with headphones!) and a nap.  Don't forget to have a phone charger on hand. I like to keep a mascara, a brow product and maybe a lip gloss in my purse separate from my full make-up bags to touch up before we land.

tips for surviving long flights

Other Things I Like

My friend C encouraged me to buy an Aukey 12000 for our trip, and I won't be taking day trips or vacations with out it!  Once charged it charges my iPhone 5se 4-5 times while I am on the go.  Great for making sure you always have a phone camera on hand, and for making sure that you can always order an Uber or Lyft when needed.  This thing was so useful, and at about $20, super affordable.

Aps I Like

Calamari...garlic cheese toast...nachos...kidding!  Not those types of aps.  In Toronto I use Uber to get around, but in California I was able to use a new rider code with Lyft to get $5 off 10 rides. Given that I was splitting every ride with a friend any ways I never paid more than a few bucks for each ride we took, and we took some pretty long rides. If you haven't used Uber or Lyft, both always have promo codes you can get online or from friends.  Google it to find the one that is best for you! I liked that in California that Ubers and Lyfts had little window signs to identify themselves.

If you have not yet signed up for Uber and plan to, please use my code "alannan6" to get your first ride, up to $15 for free.  If you sign up with my code I also get a $15 coupon which is great... I use Uber all the time!

West Jet has an ap that you can connect to in flight entertainment, and both Sea World and Disneyland have aps that have both a map of the park and an estimated ride wait time.  If you are visiting any major attractions the aps are usually free and can be a great resource (more on these aps when I post about my trips to the parks!)

What are your tips for long flights?  Any upcoming vacation plans?

*Item provided for my review

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