IPSY: July 2014 Sunsationally Sun Kissed Bag

Friday 8 August 2014

My bag arrived a while ago, but I have been living away from home for the summer and have decided to keep all my mail going to my actual home.  I got home today only to find a pile of boxes on my bed waiting for me!  It was like Christmas, only in August.

Look at all those cuties peaking out!

While digging my way through the pile will take some time to open and review, my IPSY bag stood out from the pile in its hot pink bubble wrap package.  I'll admit, knowing what is in it takes away some of the fun.  However I knew I was going to love what was inside!

This month's bag is a neon pink faux leather square(ish) bag with adorable scalloped edges.  I think it is utterly adorable, and it is one of the few IPSY bags that I cold see myself using.  I especially like the idea of keeping "time of the month" products in here to toss in my purse as needed.  The only downside to this bag is that the white underside of the scallops is easily visible making the bag look cheap (which I mean honestly, it is).  

This month I received:

bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 2.0 in Muse/Passion (0.03 oz) $7.50
pür~lisse pur~protect Essential Daily Moistuizer SPF 30 (0.5 oz) $16.17
Pür Minerals Big Look Waterproof Mascara (0.12 oz) $14.11
Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass in Cherry (0.35 oz) *Full Size* $22.99
Marrakesh Endz Split End Mender (1 oz) $4.95

I paid +/- $15 for this bag and received $65.72 worth of product!  This is one of the higher value bags I have received.  Overall I am happy with this bag-- I love the eyeshadow duo!



Tints & Sass blended (cheek), Tints & Sass (lip), Muse, Passion

These three items in my bag make me so happy!  I love love love love love the eyeshadow duo.  Great brand.  The purple with slight gold shimmer would be an excellent crease shadow.  These eyeshadows are creamy and pigmented.  I find the lighter shade to be a touch chalky.  However the subtly pearl-shimmer is so pretty that it makes up for it!

Tints & Sass delivers an excellent lip colour. I'm not interested in using it on my cheek.  I love how it smells, but it has a bit of a strange feeling applied to my lip.  It comes with a doe foot applicator.  

This waterproof mascara contains argan oil which I find interesting.  The brush is plastic and spiky--similar to Benefit They're Real only more densely packed.  I prefer big fluffy brushes but am open to this style!  It has a bit of an odd smell it it.  Quasi herbal which I a chalking up to the argan oil.  It doesn't smell rancid.  Just a little different.  I will not be using this for a while as my line up of mini mascaras to use is painfully high.  I actually won't need to buy a mascara until I have grandchildren at this rate (and for the record I am basically a decade away from having kids, let alone grandkids!).  The little water droplets are soooo pretty. 

Can we take a moment to appreciate the water droplet effect on the lid?  Im mesmerized.

Also something to admire: The size of this mascara!  Its like a deluxe sample .5. It is roughly 2/3 the size of the full sized mascara which makes it awkwardly not really a sample, but not quite full sized.  

Without even trying it I gave the moisturizer to my mom.  I have tried their products before and don't really have much of an opinion on them.  They get the job done.  I already have a moisturizer that I use and love.  

I am delighted by the split end treatment.  While first impressions can't determine any lasting effects, I have enjoyed it so far and am excited to add it to my arsenal of hair care products.  This will be great for travel and weekends away!

Over all I am delighted with this bag.  I love the bag its self, the split end mender, the eyeshadow and the tint.  The mascara is nice, but not needed given my absurd collection of unused mini mascaras.  I don't need any more moisturizers so I hope my mom enjoys this!  I just don't want to disrupt a skin care routine that works.

IPSY gets bonus points this month based on the fact that they hit the perfect balance of items in the bag.  3 makeup items, 1 hair item, and 1 skincare item.  Personally I could do without the skincare item, but I know that it has its place in a variety bag like IPSY.  I hope IPSY keeps up this flawless ratio of goodies.  

As always feel free to follow the link in my right hand menu bar to join IPSY and earn my some points.  More points for me means more items to review means more fun for you to read!

What did you love/not love about you rJuly IPSY bag?

Happy Friday <3

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