3rd Blogiversary Reflections & 3 Winner Giveaway!

Sunday 16 October 2016

canadian beauty blog giveaway

In October 2013 I was a student at U of T, very involved in my industry, and working towards all of my goals. I was also a bit burnt out. I felt like I was always doing something for future Alanna -- getting my papers done so future Alanna could get her degree, volunteering so future Alanna could have a job one day. I didn't feel like I was doing anything for 2013 Alanna. I ended up starting a blog. I didn't have any grand ideas (though getting a PR sample one day would be pretty cool!), I just wanted a space here 2013 Alanna could talk about her totally non serious hobby (makeup), take some nice pictures, and relax. Maybe learn some stuff about website management, mostly just write about makeup that I liked.
Fast forward to 2016. Little did 2013 Alanna know, but starting a blog then, really helped 2016 Alanna. I've got the job I was working towards, the degree that I wrote countless essays for, and a blog that after a few years has taken off. This year alone my traffic has more than tripped, my Instagram has exploded, and I have PR relationships I could have only dreamed about back then, and I have even done some sponsored posts. I know its not really cool to talk about money in blogging, but it feels so rewarding that a fun hobby I started all those years ago is now a hobby that I can use for things I have always wanted. I've even started a YouTube channel, which all things considered, is doing pretty well. One of my videos has over 1000 views, and another has about 2,000.

None of this would be possible with out you guys, and your support of my little hobby. Milestones like this make getting up earlier to do a full face for a product review, staying up late (kind of like I am right now writing this) to write a post, and coveting my Saturdays at noon when I can take my best product shots worth it. Seeing comments, getting likes on Twitter and Instagram, and just generally engaging with you guys makes my day, and I love it when giveaway winners let me know how much they enjoyed their prize.

I have some exciting things that I am working on as we head into my next year of blogging, and this holiday season, and I can't wait to share them with you.  But first, before we talk about this giveaway, I want to get a bit sappy with you, and share my top 5 highlights of this year on my blog, in no real order

Generation Beauty

This May I had the opportunity to attend Generation Beauty Toronto with a complimentary ticket. Not only did I get to go to the Cocktail Party, and get a whole bag of stuff, but I really expanded my PR relationships there, and had a great weekend with my friends Kayla and Sarah. A few months later I was invited to Generation Beauty New York and so Sarah and I turned it into a girls' weekend. Not only did I get to build my relationships with Sarah and Kayla at Gen Beauty, but I was able to meet new people, and expand opportunities for my blog.

My Makeup Desk

While moving wasn't very fun in the winter, I was able to go to Ikea and get the Alex 9 Drawers and the Malm desk I had always wanted. Finally I had a functional and beautiful beauty work space. I can't wait to move out this spring and set up my perfect blogging space.

Charlotte Tilbury

The first expensive brand that reached out to me! I tried her Magic Foundation and I was hooked.

My First Sponsored Post

At an event I connected with Healthy Crunch, one thing lead to another and I did my first sponsored post. I felt so empowered knowing that a company wanted to pay me for my work. I used that money to re-invest in my blog and put it towards a new camera.

Launching My YouTube Channel

After Generation Beauty I was inspired to launch a YouTube channel. I have loved working on that platform, and see a future for Classy On The Run that includes video content and written blog posts. I have loved how engaging the community there is and am so happy that I have taken part!

Now why you are really here... the giveaway!

Today I am giving away three fantastic prizes. Each prize has a unique entry widget.

Skin care with Pure & Simple

canadian beauty blog giveaway

I asked you guys on Twitter what you would be most interested in winning, and Pure & Simple replied that they would love to partner with me on this giveaway! Pure & Simple is an all natural wellness spa and skin care line with three Toronto locations and a location in Waterloo. They also offer online shopping, you can learn more about them here. Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to attend an event at their Yorkville spa and fell in love with some of their products. I haven't tried the two products included in this giveaway, however I felt that they would be a good fit for most skin!

One lucky winner will walk away with their Rosehip Face Mask and their Gentle Cleansing Milk. This prize is only availiable to Canadians.

Please don't forget to include your Twitter handle in the comment on this post.


Beauty Grab Bag #1 - "Don't Forget Your Sheet Masks"

canadian beauty blog giveaway

One lucky winner will win this beautiful prize, all packed into this super cute little bag that I got at Generation Beauty New York! This mix of drugstore and higher end favourites includes a beautiful NYX blush, and some of my favourite mascaras! This prize is availiable internationally. 

Beauty Grab Bag #1 - "Don't Forget Your Sheet Masks" (International)

Beauty Grab Bag #2 - "Make It Pop"

canadian beauty blog giveaway

One lucky winner will walk away with this fun bag of goodies including some fun deluxe sample and full sized products! The Julep polishes are perfect for the holidays! As this gift contains perfume and nail polish it is only availiable to Canadians.

Beauty Grab Bag #2 - Make It Pop (Canada Only)


This contest is only open to individuals over the age of 18 or those who have their parent's permission. This contest will close on Sunday November 6th at Midnight, EST. Some prizes are open internationally while others are only open to Canadians. Once the contest closes I will contact the winners in a timely fashion. The winner will have 48 hours to get back to me with their address, or I will select a new winner. Only one prize per person will be awarded in the event that a name is drawn twice. If a name is drawn twice I will contact the winner and ask them which prize they prefer. Please do not email me questions about this giveaway. If you have a question leave a comment on this post. 

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