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Wednesday 9 November 2016

smashbox bawse liquid lipstick

I am a sucker for the perfect, matte red.  Always in search of it, I want something classic, bold, and comfortable on my lips.  Well, I think I found it.

I can’t be the one who has noticed the sheer number of YouTuber collaborations hitting the shelves lately. Personally I don’t follow too many of the bigger channels—I love reading the blogs of fellow members of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network, and supporting friends in ipsyOS by engaging with their content, but the huge channels? Other than RachhLoves and Madison Miller… not so much. With all of the recent collabs (Nikki Tutorials x Too Faced, Jaclyn Hill x Becca, Swamp Girl x Tarte…etc) it can be hard to keep track. When I evaluate a collaboration product I want to see that the product its self is high quality. I don’t care who is promoting it, I care about how it looks on me and how it wears on me. So with that being said… let’s get into the review!

I will admit that I have never, until researching for this post, heard of Lily Singh. However, after flipping through a few of her videos I likes what I saw!

smashbox bawse liquid lipstick

This lipstick is a matte, true red. The formula is just as comfortable and just as easy to wear as any other colour in this product range, so bonus points to Smashbox for not skimping out on that! I found that this wore a solid six hours on me before I had a salad with an oil based dressing for dinner. Even then, it only faded in the centre. It was budge proof, and I found it easily to apply using the spade shaped applicator. It deposits the perfect amount of product to cover my lips so that it dries down pretty quickly.

smashbox bawse liquid lipstick

I think this colour is perfect for fall and as we head into the holidays. I really enjoyed wearing this with a big blanket scarf, but I think it will also look beautiful with a glittering eyeshadow look at a fancy holiday party.

This product retails for $28 and can be purchased at Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart. I have a whole pile of Shoppers points so I would love to add more of these to my collection!

smashbox bawse liquid lipstick

PS—So I didn’t even KNOW that this was a collab with Lily Singh when I first saw it. Legit, I thought it was just a powerful red colour that was a total “Boss” colour to wear.  

PSS—I am typing this post on a moving Via Train and there is just no way to do it easily. I am making so many typos! Def will have to edit this when I get home tonight. #LongDistanceGirlfriendLife

Product purchased with my own money

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