Julep Memorial Day Mystery Box

Sunday 25 May 2014


Ah, the Mystery Box.  I ordered my very first Mystery Box from Julep last August.  It was the "Big Picnic Mystery Box which retailed for $39.99 and included the mini lip stick trio and a handful of polishes that I was indifferent to.  I really enjoyed Evie (the hot pink with gold shimmer) and Dianna (teal).  I know I gave Vanessa (glitter top coat) to my little cousin, and the rest ended up in my collection or in my mom's.  Wile the retail value of the goods was $126, the "Maven" price was $100.  Pretty decent value for $40, but I did not really love $40 worth of product.

Big Picnic Mystery Box
Fast forward to today.  Mystery boxes have come and gone and I have always resisted the temptation.  I almost went in for the St. Patrick's Day box, but I resisted.  I have really enjoyed my monthly boxes, and have taken advantage of the odd deal here and there.

Something about these mystery boxes caught my eye.  There are ten different boxes, priced at $10, $15, $25, and $40.  Each box features an item or two that will be included in the box.  This means that we get a peek at what is inside, while leaving something to the imagination.

Feeling a bit jaded that I missed out on the pretty pink gift with purchase a week or two ago, I was instantly drawn to box #1, with the minty green bag.  I was also interested in #4 (cuticle remover) and #10 (Harriet).  I called up my mom, and she agreed to split a box with me. Yay!

I should also point out that I was interested in #2, but I need another blush and make-up brush like I need a hole in the foot.  No seriously, I will do a post about my favourite blushes, or my whole blush collection.  I'm pretty proud of me :D

We decided on #1 (She's not interested in the minty green bag so its mine!), and then I added on #10 for myself. I had been thinking of ordering Harriet on and off for a bit, so I figured why not!

Box #1 Hint: Tips in Top Shape

Taryn is included in Box #1
Box #1 has a $143 value.  I'm not sure what they value the mint bag at, but I hope they don't screw us and make it high.  Given the tip, and that a glitter polish is included, my bet is that "The Party's Over Glitter Nail Polish Removal System" will be included ($28).  That would be fun to try!  I will be keeping my fingers crossed for the Moisture Mask Trio, and some make up brushes.  I don't know what use I will have for Taryn, so if it ships on time it might find its way into my cousin's birthday gift!

Box #10 Hint: File Under Guava-licious
I also decided to add on Box #10.  I want to give Harriet a go, after skipping the March Box, and figured I was spending $40, so what is another $10!  This box is valued at $33.  That leaves $19 in mystery...my bet is on some sort of nail or foot file, and a lip gloss.  Maybe Darring?  I actually like their lip glosses, so that could be nice!

Harriet swatch from Julep.  Perfect pedicure colour!
What I find interesting is that none of their boxes will have any of the same items.  This means I won't be getting: the sparkly clutch, big blush brush, peach blush, no beach tonic (which I really don't want), cuticle softener, cuticle pushing tool, face oil or sponge, pedi cream, toe separators, Oxygen, or Roz, Missy, Sheila, or Taylor.

I am thankful that the beach tonic will not make its way to my box.  I would love to give the blush brush a try, maybe if it is a decent price in the secret store one day.

OH AND THE BEST PART.  Most Julep codes don't work on these boxes.  But if you add the Bare Face Oil to your cart, plus $25+ of product, use the code "OILPERK" and the oil will be free.  I added that to my order since its free, and free is good.

Very excited to see what comes my way.  What about you?  Did you order a box?

Blog Re-Launch

Thank you for taking the time to drop by my blog!  For those who have been by over the last few months, you will probably notice some changes.  I have decided to re-focus, and re-name.  My new goal is to make 3 or so quality blog posts per week.  Classy On The Run is for all you ladies who are crazy busy, but still want to enjoy the best things in life.  I know this has been a busy, but exciting few months for me, and I can;t wait to get back into the swing of this!