Essie Treat Love & Color Collection

Thursday 20 June 2019

essie treat love color review

Essie knows the way to my heart it through wearable neutrals. That, and any excuses to show off my ring.. I mean... nails.
I've been playing around with the Essie Treat Love & Color line for the past few weeks and have been really impressed. I was surprised with a goodie bag with a nice selection of creams, sheers and shimmers and have instantly gravitated towards a few favourites.

essie treat love color review

Those milky nudes and sparkly shimmers.

essie treat love color review favourites.

essie treat love color review

The Treat Love & Color line boasts stronger nails in just one week with 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage. Essie calls it "our first advanced 1-step strength & color formula developed with over 5 years of research."

They advise no base or top coat, as this breathable formula is infused with collagen and camellia extract to help fortify your nails.

I like to go for a manicure every other week or so to keep my nails looking clean and neat (a hazard of my renewed commitment to YouTube videos and my new job that is more client facing). Once the regular polish I get there starts to chip, I remove it and have been applying products from this line between professional manicured. Over the winter I was dealing with quite the splitting problem. I think that part of that getting better has been this polish, and part of it the move away from a dry winter and into a more humid spring.

essie treat love color review

A quick nod to the brush, I love that it is a wider and flatter Essie brush than I was use to back in high school. Much easier to get an even and clean application!

...And now on to the swatches! All swatches are two coats, no top or base. 

essie treat love color review swatches

While initially I was drawn to See the Light and Tinted Love, it was Soul Happy and Keen on Sheen that stole my heart. I love how fresh Soul Happy looks -- a milky white-pink that just pops against a pair of jeans. Keen on Sheen is a beautiful rose gold that applies like a dream. Both See the Light and Tinted Love were more sheer than I expected, and exposed some of the flaws in my natural nails.

I find I can get about 4 days of wear time before I start to notice signs of wear, like chipping. and fading. I don't exactly expect the longest wear out of my polish, I stay away from Shellac because of how uncomfortable I find it on the nail, and in doing so, accept that my wear time will be shorter.

I have added a few of these to my regular polish rotation, and couldn't be happier! Essie has always been one of my favourite polish brands, and I love that I have had the chance to enjoy one of their products that helps make my nails better.

Available in a variety of shades at your local drugstore, they retail for about $10.

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