Summer 2014 Luxe Box

Sunday 29 June 2014

I came home the other day to find my Luxebox.  Now, it wasn't a total surprise as I had peaked online to see what I was getting.  To be honest, I was pretty disappointed.  There were two foil pack samples being included in my "Luxe" box.  Not cool guys-- I could have got that for free at Shoppers or Sephora.

I really do not believe a foil pack sample has a place in a box I am paying $10 for, let alone $28 that this box costs.  Let alone two!  I am strongly leaning towards cancelling this box.  I think I will hold out for a bit to see what the bonuses are for next season.  I'll probably also call to complain and see what comes of it.  I just feel cheated.  On the bright side, I will be receiving my July Ipsy Bag so if that goes well I could very well see my self dumping Luxebox for Ipsy for the next few months.  Time will tell!

In the spirit of comparing to Ipsy, let's see if this box gets a passing grade.  Remember, foil pack samples get an automatic zero.  5/7 is a passing grade.

Each box costs about $28 and comes with 7-8 deluxe sized samples.

Here is my box in all its glory?  My butter London add-on will be featured at the end.

From Left to Right

Angled Tweezers - Loose Button, Full Sized $13*
KP Duty Moisturizing Therapy - DERMAdoctor, 30 mL $10
Butterfly - Hanae Mori, 4 mL $11
Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in "Black" - Eyeko, Full Sized $19
Introductory Collection - Eslor, 20 mL total $10*
Colour Assure Sulfate-Free System - Nexxus, 19 mL total, $2*
Island Palette Eyeshadow in "Paradise Bird" - Teeze, Full Sized $19
Crest Whitening Set x 3

*It is hard to believe the $13 price on a product they make in house that isn't for sale otherwise.
*Foil pack samples = Not welcome in a "Luxe" Box
*See above

Eslor Introductory Collection

The eslor sample came with 4 skin care samples including a scrub, a cleanser, a mask, and a moisturizer.  Its really hard to tell if a foil pack of skin care product actually works.  You can tell if it makes you break out, if it smells and feels good, but you can't know if it actually gets the job done.  I'll keep these on hand for nights away, but all in all I am just disappointed. 

Nexxus Colour Assure Sulfate Free System

Last month my mini shampoo and conditioner were travel sized.  This is just crappy sized.  I'll get one use, so I won't be able to tell if it actually does anything good for my hair.  Also, no where on my profile do  I mention having coloured hair.  Because I don't.  I have never ever ever ever dyed my hair. This makes my question if they even bother read my profile at all. I guess this will be nice to hold on to if I go to the gym?

Crest Tooth Whitening Set

This comes with free mini tooth paste!  And whitening strips!  I have no complaints that this is a "foil pack" because it was a bonus free add on!  Also I love the idea of having super mini tooth paste to have on hand.

Here are the non-foil pack samples I received.  Not sure if this is worth $28 to me...


I tried them.  They work.  Not much more to see here.  I like the rubberized texture.

Paradise Bird

This is a pretty golden-broze-brown.  I love the idea of using this in my creese to add some depth to a look.  A nice shimmer to it, over all I like this understated colour.  It goes on creamy (for a powder).  Looking forward to having some fun with this one!

KP Duty Lotion

So, I don't even know where to go with this one.

"This DERMAdoctor cult classic contains a patented blend of Glycolic Acid, Green Tea Extract and Urea to help exfoliate, calm and hydrate. Skin feels smoother, softer and hydrated. Helps improve the appearance of parched skin and rough chicken skin bumps (like keratosis pilaris). Ideal for use year-round as a moisturizer for body, arms, legs, hands and feet. Promote skin to silky perfection…it’s your KP Duty. Because a healthy complexion isn’t limited to just your face. Dermatologist Tested & Approved"

Oddly specific about the "chicken skin bumps".  Probably great if this is an issue for you.  But its not for me.  This is a pretty strange thing to include and really not catered to my needs.  As it turns out, about 50% of people have this issue, but still...I'm sure it will be nice to keep in my purse.


Not a scent that I would normally pick for myself, but I am warming up to it.  It has a nice fresh feminine scent to it.  I love that it is a tiny rollerball.  This is 100% perfect for travel and weekends away.  Speaking of which, next weekend is a weekend away :)

Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black

I tested out the line on my hand and it was not to thin, not too thick and very, very black. Aka, perfect.  I am a big fan of my Stila pen that I use almost daily.  This pen will go in to my stock to be used when I  finish up my usual.  I don't know if I would make the jump for good, but I think this will get the job done.  It also might be good to keep at the BF's house-- one less thing to pack!

The Good:

Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in "Black" - Eyeko, Full Sized $19
Island Palette Eyeshadow in "Paradise Bird" - Teeze, Full Sized $19

The Bad:

Introductory Collection - Eslor, 20 mL total $10*
Colour Assure Sulfate-Free System - Nexxus, 19 mL total, $2*

The Meh:

Angled Tweezers - Loose Button, Full Sized $13*
KP Duty Moisturizing Therapy - DERMAdoctor, 30 mL $10
Butterfly - Hanae Mori, 4 mL $11

Score: 3.5/7

I generally like the proper samples I got, but the foil packets really ruined it for me.


(1 point for each good, 1/2 points for each meh, 0 for each bad)

butter London Add-On

This was about $7.  Not too shabby!

Royal Navy - butter London
Jaffa - butter London
Scrubber(s) - butter London

Both nail polishes are mini's at 6 mL.  But when was the last time you finished a polish?  I never have, so no complaints here.  Both colours are stunning!  I love how deep Royal Navy is, and Jaffa completely reminds me of my trip to Israel!  Both go on great.  I can't wait to try them with my butter London Nail Foundation when I do my next mani!

My add on was advertised to come with 2 scrubbers, alas, there was only one.  I am pretty annoyed that I paid extra for this.  It might seem like a small thing, but I paid for two, I should get two.

Given that my box was missing a product I paid for, and gave me two foil samples?  Not a fan.  I have already reached out to the company with my concerns.  How they handle these issues will decide if I maintain my subscription.

The one scrubber I got removed a full mani on my right hand, and 3/5 of a mani on my left hand.  If my  box had the two that I was supposed to get then I would have been in the clear!  However I ended up spending 15 minutes looking through my house for some polish remover.  Ugh.

Over all I am not too happy with this box.  Depending how things go with Ipsy I just might cancel this box.  Also, it depends on how they deal with my customer service concerns.


Luxe Box called to follow up with my complaint, and were very understanding.  They offered me to have a free Luxe Box next season and guaranteed me the full sized So Susan Universal Blush!  It was framed as a choice between that and a Burt Bees Lip Gloss.  Buuuut I am a sucker for blush!  They did a great job handling my complaint.  I will be sticking around as a member :)

Did you order a Summer Luxe Box?  Did you get an upgrade?  How about any foil pack samples?

Sephora 500 Points: Living Proof

I am crazy protective of my Sephora points.  With few exceptions (like their usual triple points on fragrance for Mothers Day promo) each point represents $1 of real money spent.  I try to use my points to get new products I am interested in, and classic favourites so I can save money when I run out.

This set really excited me because it did both.  I love the hairspray and am almost out of my full sized.  The mini is generous enough for travel and for general use.  I love the primer, which I am also nearly out of.  As for the serum and cream, I have never tried those before, but have wanted to.  

This set also came with a nice little black bag, which promptly broke (zipper) after 3 uses.  I called Sephora and they gave me 100 points (1/5 of a 500 Point Gift) to make up for it.  So no harm, no foul, I have countless little make-up bags.

I love this collection by Living Proof, it helps tame my long, wavy, thick hair, has a pleasant scent, and all around gets the job done!

As you can see, the hair spray and the primer are generously sized.  The other two products are a bit small for my liking, but passable.

This is an interesting product.  You rub it all over your hands and then apply it under your hair to vamp up the style.  It does a good job adding volume!

A classic hair serum.  Apply it to wet or dry hair to help style hair and keep it silky, shiny and smooth.  I'm interested in getting the full size, once I finish up the million other similar products I own.

Over all, not a bad use of 500 points.  Not the best use, but not a bad one.  A similar set is currently being sold on for $35.

July Ipsy Spoilers and Wish List

Friday 27 June 2014

I will be updating this post as spoilers are released so check back!

I was an Ipsy subscriber last year and while I enjoyed being a member, near the end I found brands repeated and repeated, and low quality items creeping in.  One of the reasons that I left was that I had received Be a Bombshell products for a few months in a row and was not impressed by their quality.  I was also a bit overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of samples I was receiving and felt that I did not have the time to enjoy what was coming my way.  I have since cancelled Top Box, and now an subscribed to Ipsy, Julep, and Luxebox.  Ipsy has 3 months to impress me-- if not, I'll cancel again.

To judge IPSY it must earn an overall score of 12/18 with each sample and bag being worth 1 point.  Its simple.  If I like the bag, it gets 1 point.  Each sample that I like, or will use will get 1 point.  Each sample I dislike, or will re-gift gets no points.  Each month is worth 6 points (1 bag + 5 products).  In essence, it needs to earn a score of 4/6 per month.  Foil samples will automatically get 0 points because they have no place in a bag I am paying for.

Wish List

Bag -  Something nautical, or turquoise

1. Bare Minerals BB Cream Eyeshadow in Soft Shell or Divine Wine.
2. Hang 10 Dark Tanning Oil
3. Benefit They're Real Mascara
4. Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm
5. Marrakesh Endz Split End Mender or Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray (I have the full sized and I like it!)

My Anti-Wish List

Things I really don't want

1. Pop Beauty pressed powder, looks like it could be a shimmery bronzer
2. Models Own Splash Collection Nail Polish (possibly in Red Sea)
3. Nailtini Nail Polish (based on their website it looks like Mango Rita)

Let's do this!

Spoiler #1 - Bare Minerals

I would be happy with either one of these (assuming not a hideous colour).  The purple shadows are a safe bet for me, but I would be really interested in trying the BB Cream Eyeshadow.  It seems that there will be one colour of eyeshadow, and 2 colours of the BB Cream Eyeshadow.

Spoiler #2 - Sun Care

Option 1 - Hang 10 Dark Tanning Oil
Option 2 - Pur-lisse Sunscreen

There is nothing fun or exciting about getting sun care products.  Useful?  Yes.  But fun?  Not really.  I have tried Pur-lisse samples before and I wasn't really swayed one way or the other.  I've never tried Hang 10.  This looks quite similar to samples I saw last month, but since I haven't been subscribed for a while either would be new to me.  I'm interested to see if, as a pale person, I get sunscreen to keep me pale and not burnt, or if I get the tanning oil because I am pale and need a tan.  Not too excited about either, but the tanning oil would be fun!

Spoiler #3 - 2 of these Assorted Goodies

Top Left: Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm, Benefit They're Real Mascara

Top Right:  Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass Lip Tint, Pür Minerals Big Look Waterproof Mascara 

Bottom Left:  Lord and Berry Smudgeproof Eyeliner, and a nail polish.  Not sure on the brand.

Bottom Right: Pop Beauty pressed powder, looks like it could be a shimmery bronzer, Models Own Splash Collection Nail Polish (possibly in Red Sea) and a Nailtini Nail Polish (based on their website it looks like Mango Rita)

Spoiler #4 - 1 of These Assorted Goodies

From Left to Right:

Dermae BB Crème, Befine Daily Moisturizer, faith Aromatherapy Citrus/Ginger lotion, Marrakesh Endz Split End Mender, Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray, unknown nail polish, Lavilin Jojoba Skin Soothers Gel Creme, and maaaaaaaybe an additional unknown spray at the far back right.

Spoiler #5 - The Bag

Ahh this is adorable!  It reminds me of a pink, scalloped postage stamp.  Not the nautical look I had in mind, and not as classy as last month, but this little bag is cute!  


Tuesday 24 June 2014

I have always been a big fan of Maybelline's Babylips.  They are simple, and fun, they taste fantastic, and keep my lips moist.  Generally they go for $5.99 but can often be found on sale.  What's not to love?

There are three collections, Baby Lips, Baby Lips Electro (the neon collection), and Baby Lips Dr. Rescue (medicated).  I now own at least one from each set.

From Left to Right:

Blue - Quenched

This one has a yummy, sweet flavour.  I can't quite place it, but it is wonderful.

Green - Peppermint

This get the "his of approval" from my boyfriend.

Purple - Peach Kiss

This is my absolute favourite out of all of them.  I love the subtle shimmer and the peachy shade.  I've been reaching for this guy in my purse quite a bit!  At this rate it will be the first lip balm I actually finish.  <3

Black/Pink - Pink Shock
Babylips Electro Lip Balm

Sometimes the pink can be a bit bright, but its great for a subtle/bold look.

Turquoise - Limited Edition

I don't know what this one is supposed to be, but its yummy and has a subtle natural colour.

Pink - Pink Punch

Pink lemonade!  A pretty pink shade, what's not to love?

Not pictured

Orange - Cherry Me

LOVE how it smells.  I swear I would eat this if I didn't know better.

Black/Purple - Berry Bomb

I picked this up on sale for $2.99.  Similar to Pink Shock this boasts a bold colour.  It smells like plastic berries, or a freeze.  Not my favourite, but I love the purple tinge it adds to my lips!

White - Pink Me Up
Babylips in Dr. Rescue

Also picked up on sale for $2.99.  It smells good, but I haven't given it a try.  I am saving it for winter when I will need something a bit stronger.

What is your favourite Maybelline Baby Lip product?  I am in love with Peach Kiss.  Do you have both Baby Lips and an EOS balm?  Which do you like better?

Smashbox Telephoto 3 in 1 Face Brush and Bonus Items

Monday 23 June 2014


WhenI first saw this brush at Sephora I knew I had to have it.  I did my research online, I felt the brush, and it seemed perfect.  I asked the ladies at Sephora to do my make-up with it at two separate stores, and neither had a "tester" brush.  While that put me off a bit, I have always been happy with my Smashbox purchases so when Sephora had some bonuses with an online purchase I took the bait and ordered the brush.  Bonus items at the end of the post.

In theory this is a great brush.  A three in one brush that allows for light, medium, and full coverage?  Sign me up!

At first touch it is awkward to hold.  More like a Kabuki brush, less of a paint brush.  Switching between the three coverage levels is an easy twist.  I had imagined the Full Coverage option would be good for liquid foundation, and the light coverage for dusting powder.  

Full coverage

Medium Coverage

Light Coverage

Medium coverage with the box.

In the end I really did not like this brush, and ended up returning it for store credit (thank-you Sephora for your fantastic policy!) and picking up some other little treats to review.  

I returned it because:
  • It made my eyes water.  I don't know what was wrong with this brush, but using it anywhere near my eyes made them water and itch.  :(
  • I saw no notable difference between this brush and the one I normally use (Urban Decay's Optical Blurr).
  • The packaging is not suitable for a liquid foundation.  Think about it-- after you are done using it you put the damp brush back in a dark tube with no ventilation (ideal bacteria conditions) and then take it out the next morning and put it on your face? Gross.
  • It is difficult to wash.
  • I saw no notable difference between the three coverage levels.
All in all I was not thrilled with this purchase.  I had so much hope, but for $45+tax I just can't justify keeping it around.  Sorry Smashbox, but this just isn't going to work out.

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! I got to select three deluxe samples to add to my order for freeeeeeeeee!

I added on:

Urban Decay Make Up Setting Spray

I picked up a mini of this spray last year near the Sephora checkout.  I don't use it for day to day wear, but I love it for hot sweaty summer days, and fancy late night events.  I was running low on my mini and was happy to pick up the deluxe sample.  With this product, a little goes a long way.

Benefit Fake Up in Light

I have been eyeing this product since it came out, but I already have an under eye concealer that I like.  I was delighted to pick it up for free.  This sample size was disappointing-- not much to it at all.  However there is enough for me to make up my mind on if I want to pick it up.  I will reconsider once I am out of my Smashbox Under eye BB Cream.

Prada Perfume

I literally only added this on because it was a full sized rollerball.  Much to my delight the rollerball comes in a luxe mint leather case and smells clean, soapy, rainy, and fresh.  

As usual my order also came with 3 normal samples.  I will be working on getting those done in July where I will be participating in Kalyn Lord's Sample Killah!  I love her idea to get rid of as many of this tiny pesky samples as possible.  Stay tuned for weekly posts! My goal is to get rid of 100 samples at a rate of 25/week.

Smashbox Brush: :(


Julep: Laree and Maren

Looking back, I probably should have done the full upgrade on May's Fresh Twist collection.  I love every single colour that I have from it...and I have all but one or two.  When I first saw Laree I was underwhelmed.  It seemed like just another pink.  But when the beauty blog world started to show real life swatches...I was in love.  I ordered two and patiently waited.

As for Maren, she is from the April collection.  I actually skipped April because there was no one box that I loved that also got me the blush I wanted.  I am thankful for the new customization options that let me get almost exactly what I want.  

Laree and Maren had been out of stock for quite a while, so when they came back in stock I snapped them up pretty quickly.  


Laree is described as a "Golden pink taffeta shimmer".  I would describe it as a warm sorbet with golden shimmer.  Either way she is stunning.  Absolutely stunning.  She has a great staying power.  My mani lasted about 5 days with no chipping (with the use of the Freedom Top Coat).  Two coats made it opaque.

With flash you can really see the golden shimmer.

With out flash the shimmer is there, just more subtle.


I would normally look at Julep's website and use their description, however searches for "Maren" on their website brought up nothing.  It seems the colour is just gone, which is a shame.  Maren reminds me of bubble hum and cotton candy with a blue sheen to it.  She is super transparent.  Even three coats doesn't quite do it.

Wear time is not exceptional.  After 6 hours the entire polish "popped" off one nail.  The next morning, at 18 hours, another had popped off in an entire sheet.  Given that nothing has changed in how I apply my polish I am blaming this on the formula.

No flash, the blue shimmer is hard to see.

With flash!

A little closer.

Over all I love the two colours.  Laree is a better formula than Maren.  But Maren is such a pretty colour!

Does anybody know if Kayla is a similar formula to Maren?  I am waiting for her to arrive in the mail.

Flowers were a surprise from the boyfriend.

Julep Memorial Day Mystery Boxes 1 and 10

Saturday 21 June 2014

 Generally Julep's Mystery Boxes are a total and complete waste of money.  Generally they use the boxes to push out old, unwanted and quite frankly ugly polishes.  I haven't taken a Mystery Box since the end of last summer.  However, I was drawn to ordering a few of these boxes because they came at various price points and gave hints of what would be inside.  

Mystery Box #1 cost $40 and the "spoiler" items were the mint green make-up bag (not that I need another bag... but mint <3) and Taryn, a teal glitter that was previously a limited edition from the St. Patricks Day mystery boxes.  The advertised value of this box was $143.  My mom and I decided to order boxes 1 and 10 to share.

The box came with:
All prices reflect the Maven pricing.

Taryn, Lizanne, Diane $11.20 each $33.60
Fredom Polymer Top Coat $14.40
Rockstar Hand Cream $16
Glycolic Hand Scrub $18.40
Moisture Mask Trio $16
Mint Green Bag (no available on its own) $10~
I would personally value this around $5, but Julep likes to inflate their prices.

Total: $98.40 (Maven), Not quite the value they claim, however like I said I am sure they have inflated the value of the bag.

Over all I am thrilled with this box.  Sure, nothing off my wish list was in here, but I love the Mask Trio and the hand scrub.  My Grandma loves Rock Star.  I'd say not tooooooo bad.  The only dud for me is Diane.  I mean who actually would wear a dark forest green?  The only use I can think of for it is for nail art.  Maybe leaves on some floral design.  I would say its too ugly to regift.

My Mom was the lucky winner of the Moisture Mask Trio (She loves paper face masks, and I have two more sets on the way from the Red Marker sale.  More on that later!)  I got the nail polishes, the bag, and the scrub. 

I gave my Grandma a mini of the Rockstar Hand Cream a few weeks ago (It came in the Mothers Day Mini gift set) because she said she loved how it smelled.  Well, when Mom, Grandma and I were opening this I mentioned it was the same as the one I gave her. I offered it to Grandma an she did the typical "Well if nobody else wants it...".  She also mentioned being out of a top coat.  I suggested she take Freedom.  Looking forward to seeing what she thinks of it! 

Diane, Taryn, and Lizanne

I love the golden glitter hidden in with the teal.  Lizanne is much prettier than expected with a pretty, pretty shimmer to it.


The wonderful hand scrub.  Smells wonderful, works great!  I love how soft it leaves my hands.

Teheheheh my Mint Green Bag.  The little leather accents are cute.  

Taryn is swatched in the middle  Reasonably full coverage, loaded with tiny bits of glitter.  I really like it!  This would be great for glitter tips or stripes.

For fun from Left to Right:
Golden Glitter: OPI, from the Wizard of Oz Collection
Purple Glitter: Julep's Clio
Silver: GOSH Holo
Purple: ORLY from a past Christmas set.

Top to Bottom:

Donna - Mystery Box 10 

Donna was a real surprise for me.  Not a colour I would order, but such a pretty Fall colour.  

Lizanne is a fun colour.  I think it will be my next pedi colour!

I still can't see much to love about Diane.

And Mystery Box 10!

This "box" came in an organza bag on top of the giant pink box that Box 1 came in, both packed up in a giant, giant brown box.  I swear by the size of it, my Dad must have thought that my Mom and I had a problem! 

Box 10 was hinted to have Harriet.  Donna and an emery board were the surprise!  Valued at $33 here is the break down:

Donna $11.20
Harriet $11.20
Emery board $4

Maven value: $26.40

As previously seen, here is Donna!

And Harriet!  I ordered this box for Harriet!  However my Grandma said she thought the colour was pretty, so I gave it to her.  I will just order another one.

The Mask Trio is from Box 1, but here is the emery board which went to my Mom!

Over all, my Mom, Grandma and I were all very satisfied with these boxes.  The only dud was Diane.  We have decided that we will order another one in about six months.  Still waiting on Box 2 which my boyfriend ordered me.  Can't wait for the blush and brush!

On a note unrelated to the contents of the boxes, it took So.  Long.  to show up.  Just over 3 weeks! I am pretty fed up with Julep's shipping lately.  Its insane.  I still haven't seen last month's Maven box!  I called and they gave me some extra Jules.  They need to work on their shipping to Canada. 

Did you order a Memorial Day Mystery Box?  What did you think of it?

Julep Maven July: The Poolside Collection


Yesterday Julep's Poolside Collection was revealed.  Mavens will get to select their boxes over the next few days.  This month is exciting for me because it is my first month with "My Maven" which means I get to customize to get the exact box I want.  Unless I want to swap in the Body Polish.  I can't do that.  

This month is a bit crazy-- in addition to the usual collection they have released a "Body Milk", "Body Polish" (both of which smell like the Beach Tonic) and some extra polishes.  Plus all the products you can swap!

With the obvious exception of the Stardust polish, every regular colour in this collection is a crème. Some people love this, some people don't.  Last month had a lot of unique finishes. P.S.  That box has not arrived yet. 

I am not particularly excited about the body milk.  I mean they could have made anything in the beauty world...and they made another cream. The smell should be yummy.  But...really?

I find most of the colours in this collection to be a bit...boring? There seems to be quite a few dupes.  However these three caught my eye:

Lissa, a tumbled turquoise crème

Lorenzana, a Shiitake crème
Boho Glam

Tamara, a bright "lipstick" red (but, you know, lipstick can be any colour...)
Boho Glam

Bare Body Milk and Mint Condition Pedi Crème
Modren Beauty Box

But no, you can not swap the Pedi Crème for the Body Polish.

Unless you get the Maven Luxe box, you can not swap this scrub in.  Or, you can pay $17.99 and get it as an ad on.  Lol.  Like everything Julep sells, this will be available at a discount in the next few months.  No need to rush.

Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen
$7.99 ad on ($5.99 with out the 10 pads).

This caught my eye.  I like the idea of a pen to remove polish on the go.  I'm thinking about situations that I have been in where your polish is chipping off and you don't have the time to clean it up at home.  I'm not sure how good this will be, but let's find out!

This month I like that I can swap in previous products that I have had my eye on.

This month I dislike that ad on prices of polish are still at $6.99, and that I can't swap in the body polish.

So, while I am not totally in one with the selection options, I decided to go with the Modern Beauty box, swapping out the Mint Pedi Crème for their lipgloss in "Awestruck" (a shimmering blush nude).  I added on Lorenzana, Lissa, and the Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen with the 10 added pads.  While Tamara is a beautiful colour, my collection is saturated on the bright red front.  For taking three add ons this month I will get a bonus gift from Julep.

If I was unable to customize my box I would have gone with "Boho Glam" with a few add ons.

Now, if only last month's box would show up!

What do you think about this collection?  What are you opting for?  

If you do decide to sign up, feel free to use my referral code!  Use code "FREEBOX" and get your first box free!

All photos are from their post.