Nail Mail! Julep Shipping Takes Forever!

Sunday 8 June 2014

Is anybody else frustrated by Julep's shipping to Canada?  It drives me crazy!  Things I ordered in early May still aren't here.  Thankfully my Mothers Day order was only a week late.  Urgh.

If anybody remembers way back to Mothers Day they had a neat promotion.  On orders of $35+ you could get a free mystery pack of minis!  I am a huge fan of deluxe samples.  Fo the actual order I ordered the Moisture Mask Trio for my mom, and Love and Malala for me!  

Rock Star Hand Cream, Glycolic Hand Scrub, Shenae, Ivy?, Posh and Glowing

Not pictured: Eyes All Aglow in Bronze and a mini Freedom Polymer Top Coat 

This summer I am not living at home, but all my mail is still going there.  I saw my parents yesterday and they handed over a bunch of my mail.  My mom and grandma watched me open it and by the time they were done my mom thought the Posh lipgloss (the dark berry shade) would be "really nice" and my grandma though that the Rock Star hand cream smelled nice "but only if nobody else wanted it".  Which really means that when I left my mom had the Freedom Top Coat, Posh, and the eyeliner and grandma has the Rock Star hand cream (I have the full sized one on the way in my Memorial Day Mystery Box!).

Not a bad haul of minis for me though: The hand scrub, Shenae (which I was thinking of buying!), a sparkly blue polish, and a mini lip gloss which is really pretty!  I liked the berry shade that my mom ended up with, so I might order that in the next few weeks or get it as an add on!

Tania, Aretha (March Birthstone Polish), Love, Saaya, Paulette, Elisa, Monaco, Malala

Technically these came in two or three orders, but I asked my grandma to just take out all the polish and all the little cards that they come with and put them in a bag.  It seemed silly for them to cart around a few boxes filled with nothing but little paper worms.

Aretha looks less blue on, and applies more like a standard glitter.  Its pretty, but I am a touch disappointed.  Saaya is brighter, more neon than expected.  I really want to try an ombre with this and a pink.

I want to do glitter tips with Tania this week and wear Malala to work next week.

Love and Paulette are dupes for me.  I love, love, love these two shades and had to have a back up of each.

Tania, Elisa, Aretha, Paulette, Saaya on top of the Julep Moisture Mask Trio.

My mom loved the Mask Trio!  I can't wait to try it tonight and to report back.

Swatch time!

Tania, Saaya
Paulette, Elisa
Monaco, Malala

What are your favourite of the new Julep shades?  Anything on your wish list?

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