Ipsy | September 2014

Monday 22 September 2014

So I've given it a lot of thought, and I use to research the value of each item I received in my ipsy bag.  But if I'm unhappy with a bag it doesn't matter if its worth $40.  This month has been so crazy for me and I didn't have time to do the research.  So I'm just going to tell you what I like and dislike and overall how happy I am with this bag.

I received the Caviar CC Cream, the Hikari lipstick, Pacifica eyeliner, brush, and the Nourish Organics face cleanser.  

This month's bag was a huge step up from last month's plastic mess.  But still...not my style.  I'll probably add it to the pile or pass it off to a friend.  

I am so in love with the Hikari lipstick.  At first I was skeptical of the colour, but I simple adore it for fall.  I paired it with a simple eye and a warm scarf and I just felt good.  When a lipstick makes you feel good, you know you found something special.  The colour is called "Cabaret" and I would describe it as a plum-berry or logan-berry.

As for the Caviar CC Cream, it is one of my favourite hair products.  I picked up two of them when they were 100 point gifts at Sephora and was just running low when this graced my mail box.  With this product a little goes a long way.  I apply a small amount through my hair after I shower and style it into a low, loose pony tail.  When I wake up my hair is wavy like usual, but less frizzy and softer.  When I run out of this sample I will be purchasing it in full size.  Also-- this sample size is pretty generous.

The brown Pacifica Eyeliner is...fine?  I'm pretty unenthused about it, but I will either put it in my travel bag or gift it to my mom.

Now, that Eyeshadow Brush... super soft and fluffy.  I love it.  And I love that my mom got one in her bag and gave it to me.  So I have two. Tehehehe.  The smaller end is okay.  But the big fluffy end is fantastic for a quick simple look.

Annnd Nourish Organics Face Cleanser is...bleh. I mean its fine, but I already have my skin care down to an art and I don't want to mess with it.  And I didn't like the hand cream I got from them from tipsy a few months back.

So overall I al actually really happy with this bag,  I love the CC Cream, the brush, and the lipstick.  Good job ipsy! The bag its self if ugly, but oh well.

Side Note: MY mom got this Cailyn lipgloss in her bag and it was literally 1/3 empty and not sealed.  I heard other girls had this issue too.  Not cool ipsy.

Julep | October 2014 Black Magic Collection

Saturday 20 September 2014

Today Julep released their October 2014 Maven collection.  At first I was a bit underwhelmed-- it reminds me a lot of the September collection, but with more sparkle.  After taking some time to look through it and think about it I decided not to skip.  To see the full collection, click here.

The main product this month is "Night Shift" which is a night time moisture mask.  I thought about it, but I am really happy with my skincare routine right now and just received the GlamGlow Thirstymud Mask so I decided to swap it out for an additional Plush Pout in Almond Nude.  I love that lip product-- super flattering.  Review to follow.

I ordered 4 polishes:




I also added on two sets of white chevron nail decals and two sets of black cat nail decals.  Not sure if I really need two of the cat sets, but at $2.99 I am not complaining.

Really excited to give Ledi and Dana a shot.  

What are you ordering this month?

Empties | August 2014

This month was just crazy for me!  I finished up my dream internship, packed up my apartment, moved back home, and went on an amazing week long vacation with my boyfriend.  I finished up a whole lot of minis, and had to leave some *almost* finished products behind.  As much as I love my products...packing up a conditioner with only one or two uses left to transport across Ontario just isn't worth the trouble.  

I am still busy unpacking and getting ready for school, so instead of reviewing every single product I used this month I will just give you the "Sparks Notes" version.

Hair Care


Heathy Sexy Hair Soy Beach Spray - I already bought this in full size.  I love spraying it through my hair after I shower for a quick, cute summery look.
Marc Anthony Conditioner - This is my conditioner.  No question, I have been using it for months!  I love how it takes care of my hair, and keeps it shiny and healthy.  I have noticed so many improvements since I started using this product!
Living Proof Restore Treatment - Wow.  I was blown away with how much I love this conditioner.  I really enjoyed using it twice in one week to help nurture my dry strands after enjoying a dip in a (chlorine) pool.  I was delighted to receive two more of these for free from my most recent Ulta purchase.

No Re-Purchase:

Pantene Shampoos and Conditioners - With samples this size its hard to notice any real benefits.  However I didn't find these were anything special.  They did the job but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them.
Keratin Oil Deep Conditioner - Despite using this frequently I found no noticeable improvements in the health and shine of my hair.
Macadamia Oil Deep Conditioner - Don't get me wrong...I like this product.  But I just discovered their coconut version...and I LOVE it.


The Face Shop Honey Mask - I love a little luxury in my life.  And for $2?  Yes please.  Love how soft it leaves my skin.
Bioderma Face Water - Simply the best way to remove makeup. Gentle but effective.
Lancome Moistuizer - Don't mess with a good thing.  It keeps my skin healthy and happy.
Julep Bare Face Oil - I love using this to remove my make-up before an evening shower.
Ole Henriksen Face Peel- Wow.
Volcanic Clay Nose Strips- These things really take the gunk out of your pores!

No Re-Purchase:

Balea Face Wipes - These make me tear up and leave my skin red and blotchy :(
Other random small things - Not notable.



Hourglass Veil Primer - This product makes my skin velvety soft, but without making it feel heavy.
Dior Nudeskin Foundation 010 - Simple.  When you find your perfect foundation colour you stick with it.  I use this product daily.
Stila Kitten Eyeshadow - Whats not to love about a pearl eyeshadow that is universally flattering and can be used as a highlighter incase of emergancy?
Smashbox BB Cream "Fair" - This BB cream is perfect for casual days.

No Re-Purchase:

Pür Big Look Mascara - Literally impossible to remove.  I had to use 3 different makeup removers before I gave up.


Almande Oil - This smells soooosososososos yummy and keeps my legs soft after I shave.
Lush Products - Can't wait to pick these cuties up later this fall (Lush is expensive!)

No Re-Purchase:

Everything else - Eh?



Glamglow Thirsty Mud - I got this as a gift from my boyfriend.  I know-- I'm a lucky girl.  Smells like coconut and leaves me super hydrated.
Urban Decay Sin Eyeprimer  - Can be used as a simple all over champagne eyeshadow or as a base for shimmery eyeshadow.  
La Petite Robe Noire EDP - Also a gift from my boyfriend.  It smells so...sexy?  Musky?  Mysterious? Flawless.

Total Empties - 47

All in.

All in I used up 47 products including full sized and sample products.  I found some new favourites and used up some products that were taking up space.  Not too bad!  I'll have to pick up that Ole Henriksen peel once I get through some more of my skin care.

Sorry my posts have been on and off.  My new goal is 2 per week until exam season and then I will reevaluate.  <3

The Original Tangle Teezer*

Thursday 11 September 2014

I've seen Tangle Teezers in store and in salons and was always curious what the big fuss was about.  So what? Its a hairbrush with out a handle (or so I thought).  I've only recently bumped up my hair care routine from shampoo, conditioner, and styling product so I was really excited when Nail Polish Canada reached out to me and asked if I was interested in reviewing this on my blog.  They even let me pick what colour I wanted!

This brush can be used on wet or dry hair.  It it supposed to be gentle on hair so that breakage is prevented, and it aims to promote shiny, healthy hair.

It fit nicely in the palm of my hand-- sort of like a large computer mouse.  At first, I found it a bit tricky to switch from a "traditional" brush motions to using the Tangle Teezer. The bristles are shorter than I am use to which was a bit hard to work with given the sheer volume of how much hair I have.  However after using it a few times I got the hang of it:  Its all about going slowly and gently. 

When using it on dry hair I found there was much less hair in my brush when I was done which was great!  This brush isn't really suited to styling.  However I really enjoyed using it before I styled my hair.  As an added perk, this brush is fantastic for a scalp massage, especially after taking my hair out of a bun!

I really love the little UK flag that it came with!  But, of course, I accidentally smudged some nail polish on it.

The real benefit of this brush was using it on my hair when it was wet.  It separated each strand with out causing and frizz.  I couldn't stop brushing!  I tossed a bit of hair product in my hair, brushed it some more, put it in a loose pony tail and went to bed.  When I woke up my hair was the softest and silkiest it had been in a while.  And the best part?  It stayed that way all day!  

Much to my delight and surprise I really love this product.  It wasn't a gimmick like I thought it would be.  I love the results of using it after I shower.  This brush has quickly worked its way into my daily routine.  I think it is a great addition to a hair routine that includes deep conditioners and styling treatments.  I highly recommend this product to women looking to maintain long hair or who are working on growing it out.  The less breakage and frizz, the better!  And as a scalp massage tool? Ama-zing.

The Original Tangle Teezer goes for $14.99 and ships free anywhere within Canada when you order from Nail Polish Canada.   

This product was provided free of charge for me to review from the lovely people at Nail Polish Canada.  Opinions are my own!

My Ipsy Glamroom | September 2014

Thursday 4 September 2014

Ipsy has redeemed its self! I completely love the Alterna CC Cream (I have two deluxe minis that I need to use up before buying the full size.  But I won't complain about pushing that off a little longer).  I'm always happy to get more eyeshadow brushes and lipstick.  I'm not as excited about the eyeliner or the face cleanser.  But the first 3 products more than make up for it.  I think Ipsy is really starting to get me.

Not a fan of this month's bag though.  To the gift pile it goes!

Ipsy Spoilers | September 2014

Back to school...unpacking...getting back in to the swing of post vacation life, and swatching my finds from the States has kept me pretty busy over the last few days and I ended up missing most of the Ipsy spoilers.  And now my glam room is open!  

Wish list:

1. Pacifica Eyeliner
2. Hikari Lipstick
3. Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish OR the NYX Eyeshadow
4. Eyeshadow brush

1. Cailyn Lipgloss
2. Avon Mascara
3. Hello Fragrance 
4. Be a Bombshell Finishing Powder

1) Either a Pacifica nail polish (Red red Wine) or eyeliner (Gunmetal or Fringe)

2) One of : a Hikari lipstick, a Cailyn lip gloss, or a Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Stick.

3) 1 of: Harvey Prince Hello fragrance, Avon mascara (Big & Daring Volume in Blackest Black), Harvé Benard Precious Gold for Her, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel duo-pack, Nourish Organic Cream Face Cleanser, Lee Anni Eco3-i1 Revolution Light, NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow

4) A double ended eyeshadow brush or a Be a Bombshell finishing powder.

Ipsy | August 2014

Monday 1 September 2014

I'm back from my vacation!  Over the next few weeks I will be sharing photos of my hauls and reviews of the goodies I bought.

When I came home I had a huge pile of mail to go through.  One of the first packages I opened was my Ipsy bag!  How could I not?  It came in a hot pink bubble package (as usual!)

This month I received a blush, lip gloss, primer, eyeliner, mascara, and a crappy plastic bag.  The bag will be given as a gift to my cousin because, thankfully, she likes polka dots. Everything in this month's bag was tiny!  Super tiny.  Almost useless its so tiny.

Lord & Berry Black Silk Mini Kajal Kohl-liner

This eyeliner is literally the size of my pinky finger.  I would almost argue it is too small to effectively use.  Can you imagine sharpening it? There's nothing special about this eyeliner.  It works just like every other average black eyeliner pencil.  Which is nice, but I hardly use eyeliner in pencil form.  I'm more of a liquid/cream type of girl.  This eyeliner will probably end up going to my mom.

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
I am really excited about this mascara.  Its brand new, with a nice big fluffy brush and a wet formula.  I really like that Ipsy has such a new, high profile product for us to test.  I hope they keep this up!  I haven't given the mascara a try yet as I am already working on getting through a few more.  I might toss this in my travel bag.

Costal Scents Forever Blush
The formula may be nice, but the size is awful.  Its nearly impossible to swirl a proper blush brush around in this tiny awkward pan.  At least it is really easy to depot and put in my Z-Palette.  I'm really not sure what to do with this...

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer
I was really excited to receive this!  It is a pretty generous size, especially compared to the rest of the bag.  I was surprised that it was a nude coloured primer, but found that it did a good job at keeping my foundation on.  I will be using this up!

You're The Balm "Grape"
While I was in the States I saw these in packs of two at Marshalls for $3.99. This product is a bit of a dud to me.  I really don't like how it smells.  It smells like plastic grapes.  I might just scoop out the whole product and use the tin for jewellery when I travel.  If not, I will likely pass it on to my little cousin.  Its age appropriate for her!  Over all really not impressed by this.

Over all I am disappointed by this bag, especially compared to last months!  The bag its self it pretty crappy, and all of the products are tiny.  I am really happy that I got the Urban Decay mascara, and the Dr. Brandt primer.  Everything else was just too tiny to be useful, or too junky to feel nice.  I am happy with the mascara though-- great to be able to try out a new product before committing to the full size.  Especially considering it is a mascara with a unique brush.  Here's hoping that next month goes better!