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Tuesday 7 March 2017

charlotte tilbury valentine pillow talk swatch review

Charlotte has this way of launching lipsticks where she launches 1 or 2 at a time (I mean other than the Hot Lips collection, but that’s different!), and instantly making me want to just buy them. Just in time for Valentines Day she released two stunning pink-nudes, and I am so excited to be sharing them here with you today.

charlotte tilbury valentine pillow talk swatch review

Valentine is a beautiful glossy pink that was named by her fans. I expected it to be more bubblegummy, and honestly mainly ordered it so I could write this post, however it is actually a very flattering, feminine pink. I’ve been reaching for this one to complete my everyday makeup and have been so impressed with how versatile it is. Given that it is a standard (re: not matte) formula, wear time is not remarkable. But that’s okay. Charlotte knows how to make lipstick! With medium coverage, it looks natural but polished. As you can see in the swatches it makes Bitch Perfect (which I consider pink) look peachy. I would almost say that this lipstick is Bitch Perfect but for the winter. I thought it would be “just a pink lipstick” however this one was really the surprise star of the order for me. This lipstick has a regular bullet format.

Pillow Talk (lip liner) is one of Charlotte’s most iconic products. This lip liner has a following (and I mean how many lip liners have an actual following? Other than MAC’s Whirl they are usually more of an after thought) and I’ll be honest, I use it pretty frequently. Its literally the best nude lip liner. So when I heard that they were launching a matching lipstick my mind went wild imagining what it would look like. It would be demi-matte, maybe just a touch of gloss to it, it would be entirely flattering. Everything I love about Bitch Prefect* but less peach, more nude. I mean not to have expectations, but it would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

After snapping the needed photos I put the lipstick on, and I mean I will be honest: I like it, and it is a beautiful lipstick. But it was not the perfection that I imagined. I would probably be more in love with it if it had a different name, because then I would not have had the expectations of literal perfection that I had with this one. It sits well on the lips, and has a wonderful demi-matte quality that is both matte, but natural looking. I suppose I would prefer this lipstick if it was in their K.I.S.S.I.N.G. formula. So while this lipstick is beautiful, it isn’t what I imagined. As you can see from the swatches it really is a more pigmented Very Victoria. This lipstick has her iconic square tip bullet. 

charlotte tilbury valentine pillow talk swatch review

You can purchase these lipsticks for $39 on Charlotte Tilbury’s website. I believe that Valentine is an online exclusive, but that Pillow Talk will be sold in store counters later this spring.

*Writers note Bitch Prefect is currently my favourite “nude” lipstick

These products were purchased with my own money.

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