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Wednesday 29 March 2017

laneige two toned lipstick review

It didn't take long for K-Beauty makeup to jump to the North American market after the skincare started to pop up in stores. Recently both Benefit and Laneige have launched duo toned lipsticks. You can read my Benefit review here. Keep reading for my full review!
So first, let's talk novelty. The colour combinations are fun and bright, and much more flattering than I originally thought!

The rectangular tip is much easier to use than I expected. I was also impressed by how gently and seamlessly the colour blend together-- no harsh lines.

laneige two toned lipstick review

As will surprise nobody, Cashmere Nude was my favourite. I love the rosy nude with a pop of pink. Together they are so beautiful for spring. I found that each lipstick had a glossier colour, and a more matte shade. I wouldn't describe the matte as a true matte... maybe a semi-matte. Maybe its just me, but I felt that each colour had a different formula. Either way these feel great on the lips and are nice and hydrating.

laneige two toned lipstick review

When you want to use the lipstick, just use the slide down button on the side.

The instructions say to use the lighter shade on the outside. While I tried that I actually preferred the darker shade on the outside. I think that because some of the shades were brighter, the pop of colour in the middle made it look like I had just finished a Popsicle... which I know is a bit of a trend, but not for me.

laneige two toned lipstick review

A few other things I wanted to note. I did not find that this product had a scent. I was really impressed by "Pink Salmon" and "Juicy Pop". I was very unsure about the yellow and the orange, but they blended so beautifully with the pinks to create something bold, fun, and wearable. I love how pigmented these are-- when the product is gone the stain on some of the brighter colours can last and last.

This whole collection has me feeling spring. Glossier lips, fun colours, yes please!

This product retails for $35 and can be purchased at Sephora.

Products were sent for my review but opinions remain my own.

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