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Saturday 25 March 2017

blush pretty 508 yonge

You may know Blush Pretty as a company to book your bridal beauty services with. They have recently opened a chair at 508 Yonge Street (2nd floor) for quick services-- think getting your hair or makeup done before going out. Currently its not a walk in, but you can book the night before.

blush pretty 508 yonge

Wearing my custom Bite Beauty lipstick! 

Lucky me, I got an email from their team just at about the same time I was thinking of booking a hair appointment before going out to the biggest party of the year. Think prom, but with an open bar, and with all of my friends in my industry.

blush pretty 508 yonge

I used the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette on my eyes.

I arrived in my work clothes, and had my dress in my bag. I walked into the small, but bright and inviting loft-styled space to meet Stephanie. Honestly, the room was every beauty blogger's dream: bright, well lit, white, and lots of big mirrors. I described what I wanted: curls, framing my face, but with a bit of a side braid. I asked if she wanted to see my dress (she did) and then she got to work.

We chatted about lots of things while she set my hair into pretty curls, which as I write this the next morning, I am still getting complimented on.

blush pretty 508 yonge

Look at that pretty detailed braid!

blush pretty 508 yonge

All of the curls in the back!

blush pretty 508 yonge

I felt like a princess!

I loved the glam-meets-bohemian side braid that Stephanie included. One girl at the party said I looked like "Frozen-meets-Tangled-Disney Princess", umm thank you :D That was the goal!

blush pretty 508 yonge

Hair for days!

You can book both hair and makeup appointments at their Beauty Bar. Also worth noting? They share the space with a waxing spot... so why not check two things off your getting pretty list? Learn more about Blush Pretty here. To book an appointment or to learn more, email Stephanie:

Something to keep in mind: They don't have a sink, and don't do blow outs. You should arrive with your hair in its natural state, or lightly styled. I was told to wash my hair the day before so that the natural oils of my hair would help the style to hold. So I let my hair dry and then arrived with it in a pony tail.

blush pretty 508 yonge

All pretty and ready to go to the party!

Enjoy getting pretty!

Services provided by Blush Pretty, but photos speak for themselves!

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