MARY KAY | Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick Review & Giveaway

Wednesday 31 May 2017

mary kay gel semi matte lipstick review

Everybody has a Mary Kay memory, right? Mine is of this bulky pink square palette that my mom use to have. By the time it got to me the blush was all but gone (it was a dusty rose shade) and there was this hideous olive green eye shadow that had completely hard panned. And the prettiest rose blush that only had the tiny crumbles around the pan edge left. And that being said, I loved that palette-- it made me feel like a grown up. I loved holding it and playing with it. Mary Kay has come a long way since the 90s (and really, haven't we all?) and today I am so thrilled to be partnering with them on this post. Keep reading for swatches and a review of their Gel Semi-Matte Lipsticks... and a giveaway!

RODIAL | Brand Introduction

Friday 26 May 2017


rodial makeup review

I have probably said this a thousand times, but one of my favourite things about being a beauty blogger is getting the chance to try new products from new brands and brands that you wouldn't otherwise try. A few months ago (I know! I am almost all caught up!!) Rodial was nice enough to send me some of their cosmetics (they are better known for their skin care) and I have been playing around with them ever since. Keep reading for my thoughts on these beautiful products!

Bite Lip Lab Toronto | Review & Tips To Make Your Trip A Success

Thursday 25 May 2017

bite beauty lip lab toronto san Fransisco new york review

A few months ago my friend Courtney and I went to the Bite Lip Lab in Toronto to design our own custom lipsticks! Today I wanted to share with you a quick run down of our experience and to share some tips with you on how to make your trip a success!

5 Things I Wish I Had In My Purse When I Need Them

Wednesday 24 May 2017

5 Things I Wish I Had In My Purse When I Need Them

One night a few days  weeks(ish) ago I was reading some other blogs and I came across a fun post on Erin Azmir's blog titled "5 Things I Wish I Had In My Bag When I Needed It". It was really relatable, and I thought it would be fun to curate my list! Keep reading to see what I wish I had with me basically all the time. Which really I should just go and put these in my purse now and be done with it...

PACIFICA | Berry Happy Skincare

Tuesday 23 May 2017

pacifica berry happy skincare collection review

Pacifica is one of my favourite green beauty brands! I first had a chance to fall for them when they started showing up in my ipsy bags a few years back, and again at Gen Beauty LA when I was gifted the most fantastic shampoo and conditioner. Today I am here with their latest launch: The Berry Happy Skincare collection! Keep reading to learn about this collection and to get my take on it!

Toronto...For Beauty Lovers

Monday 22 May 2017

toronto cherry blossom photo

Recently one of my friends from Ottawa (hi Sabrina! I know you're reading this!) reached out to my for recommendations of things to do in Toronto for beauty lovers. Based in Ottawa, she is in Toronto for work but is trying to carve out some time to explore the city between meetings. Add to that the fact that Generation Beauty is quickly approaching, and I know we will have lots of ladies (and gentlemen!) in town, looking for their beauty fix. Keep reading to see my suggestions!

Sephora VIB Rouge Sale Haul | Skincare

Saturday 20 May 2017


Let me start this post by telling you all just how proud of myself I am. 15% off for basically a whole week at Sephora and I only ordered three things. Gold. Star. And honestly, skin care is an investment so it totally does not count...

Clarins | Summer 2017

Friday 19 May 2017

clarins summer 2017

Lately I just have summer on the brain, and this latest delivery from Clarins has my heart. Usually I can tell that I am thinking summer when I stop reaching for matte lips and start reaching for lip glosses. This summer collection from Clarins is bronzey ad beautiful. Perfect for summer!

Benefit Spring 2017 | So Many Pretties

Thursday 18 May 2017

Benefit spring 2017 dandelion twinkle galifornia hoola lite hoola contour

If Benefit has one talent in this world, it is packaging. And brows, I suppose those too. But seriously, before we even get into what is inside these beauties, can we take a moment to enjoy just how beautiful the packaging is? When Benefit sent me these four gems, I was over the moon. Mainly because I was already seriously considering buying three of them and this delivery saved me some serious money. But annnnyways, let's get into the good stuff!

Murale Haul | Spending My Points

Wednesday 17 May 2017


What if I told you that I paid for this whole purchase using points? And that those points were earned by buying things I need anyways? You would probably say that that is the greatest points program ever... and you're right. recently Murale had a bonus redemption weekend, so I decided to wish myself a happy birthday and grab a few things I have had my eye on for a while.

FarleyCo Favourites | Real Techniques & So...? Kiss Me

Tuesday 16 May 2017

Real Techniques Eye: Shade + Blend Set

Recently FarleyCo sent me a curated box of some of their new 2017 products. I really appreciated getting to pick a product from each category (think a brush set, a perfume, a men's product, etc). Today I am here with my favourites from the box I was sent!

Quo Spring 2017 | Favourites

Monday 15 May 2017


quo spring 2017 down to earth heat it up face palette

This spring Quo launched two beautiful face palettes. As usual, their limited edition launch has the most stunning and unique design. This season reminds me of tie-dye marble...

Colour Pop Haul! | Swatching Blotted Lips & Pressed Shadows

Sunday 14 May 2017

colour pop haul review 2017

Recently Colour Pop had a promotion on for free international shipping at $30 (rather than the usual $50) USD. While Colour Pop is wonderfully priced, shipping and the USD/CAD conversion can make it a bit harder for us Canadians to justify. I decided to take this chance to stock up on some old favourites, and try out some of their newer products!

La Palette La Rose by Lancôme

Saturday 13 May 2017

La Palette La Rose by Lancôme

Spring is probably my favourite season (just not this spring in Toronto because it has been frigid). Shedding winter coats, flowers blooming, the promise of summer, my birthday, all good things. This love extends to beauty releases. I always love spring collections, they're just so pretty. This spring Lancôme launched a beautiful palette and I am excited to be sharing it with you here today.

New Products From Pur | Foundation & Palettes

Friday 12 May 2017

pur cosmetics review

Every now and again I get the chance to try a new product, and that product just blows me away. Today I am excited to be sharing some new products from Pur with you. I'm pretty sure that this will be my first time talking about them on my blog, and let me tell you, I am impressed.

Meet Maggie & Winston

Thursday 11 May 2017

introducing two kittens from different litters

Hi friends!

First off I want to thank all of you for sticking with me over this last month. Whenever my blogger friends feel burnout, or feel like they have too much on their plate I always tell them that real life comes first. Don't get me wrong, I love my blog and the community here, but real life comes first.

High Tea | Toronto's King Edward Hotel

Wednesday 10 May 2017


high tea kind edward hotel review

So back in March I went to high tea with my cousin's wife. And it is now mid-May... but anyways high tea is a tradition and I doubt that the tradition has changed much in the last month and a bit. Just goes to show how far behind I fell because of moving (note to self: don't move again for a long while). So with that being said, today I will be sharing a bit about my high tea experience at one of Toronto's most popular locations!

I first went for high tea at the Guildwood Tea Room which was right next to my old high school. Sadly they closed recently, but they inspired in me a love for scones that I did not know was possible. 

At the King Edward Hotel (or King Eddy as it is known around here) we were presented with quite the tea selection. I went with a tropical green tea while my partner in crime opted for a delicate jasmine tea. 

high tea kind edward hotel review

Our first cup of tea was poured for us by our server. I found the service to be quite attentive and of course the decor was stunning.

high tea kind edward hotel review

Now... for the treats

high tea kind edward hotel review

I really dislike egg salad and any form of fish. I let our server know and he swapped those out for chicken salad and cucumber sandwiches, which was much appreciated. Once those were done we enjoyed some scones with Devonshire cream and jam. Once our scones were done it was on to dessert. Of course the mint chocolate macaron was delightful, but I loved the tart the most. 

high tea kind edward hotel review

Vicky being classy

high tea kind edward hotel review

Tea and yummy things

We enjoyed taking the time to eat, sip our tea and chat. While I think that any high tea would be lovely, I think the real difference maker is the company you have with you!

If you are interested in booking a tea reservation you can learn more here. It costs $49 (ish) per person.

Writing this post has me all excited for July when I will be going for tea at Fortnum & Mason in London. I never thought my boyfriend would be a high tea guy, but I think he is looking forward to doing something classy & British while in London. I am so excited to share some travel diaries with you soon!

If you are travelling to Toronto and are looking for something girly and relaxing I hope you will check out the King Eddy. And as always if you need ideas of things to do in Toronto, leave a comment.


I paid for this service with my own money. 

Lancome Juicy Shakers | Swatches and Review!

Tuesday 9 May 2017

lancome juicy shakers review piece of cake

Mid-April I was feeling so spring... and then May came and stole that away from me. Even though the cold has me down (seriously, a jacket and warm scarf and tights to work...) I know that it will soon be warm. And with warm weather I like to leave my mattes (or at least the super drying ones) in the drawer while I embrace gloss. I've found over the last few weeks that as my lip wardrobe transitions so does my day to day makeup, lately I have been reaching for tinted moisturiser (or nothing!), simple brows and a coat of mascara. I've been really loving this fresh faced feel, and these lippies from Lancome fit right in!

Pure + Simple Sheet Masks

Monday 8 May 2017

Pure and simple sheet mask

I love a good sheet mask, and with all of the stress of moving and unpacking and settling in to my new routine, well let's just say that I have earned some time to relax. I admit that I have fallen behind on my reviews, but my hope is that I can catch up over the next few weeks and get back to my usual posting schedule. As a reward for sticking with me I will be posting some photos of my kitties!