Meet Maggie & Winston

Thursday 11 May 2017

introducing two kittens from different litters

Hi friends!

First off I want to thank all of you for sticking with me over this last month. Whenever my blogger friends feel burnout, or feel like they have too much on their plate I always tell them that real life comes first. Don't get me wrong, I love my blog and the community here, but real life comes first.

April has been a big month for me.

I moved out from my family's home and into a beautiful new apartment closer to work. For most of April I was on my own, and at the end of the month Stuart moved in with me. Somewhere between the moving in we celebrated our 4th anniversary and my 24th birthday.

introducing two kittens from different litters

The first time we found Maggie and Winston cuddling rather than fighting

Maggie in her favourite bed

Even more exciting (what's more exciting than moving, you may ask?), we finally had the opportunity to add two kitties to our family (which we now jokingly call our Cat Children). First came Maggie, a stunning Siberian Domestic cross with medium to long hair and the sweetest little face. She is a real sweet heart. A bit more shy and timid than her "brother" but she is a total cuddler and loves tummy rubs and holding my hand while she sleeps. While I would say that both kittens love us both, Maggie is without a doubt my cat.

Winston and his pretty blue eyes

A week later we added Winston. While we adopted both at 8 weeks old, he was a full pound heavier than her! Winston has the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen on a cat, and we know he is going to grow up to be massive. He has a bigger personality. And while we are still working on his "love bites" problem, training him has been a bit of a challenge since he is deaf (the squirt bottle works wonders). He is a big suck, and loves to curl up where ever a person can be found.

My heart melts when Maggie wants to snooze like this.

She was a huge distraction when I was writing a blog post over the weekend.

While Maggie likes to perch on the side of the best to sleep, Winston likes to flop down on your face or neck. Literally flop.

In the few weeks we have had them they have both grown so much, both in size and personality.

Maggie was so tiny when we got her!

We had been looking forward to getting kittens for quite a while and are so happy to have them in our lives. We both remarked that we've had cats before, but they have always chosen somebody else in the family to be their person. With these kitties we are their people, and we love having them on our laps while we work away. The only thing I love less is when I am working on something or watching a show and Maggie decides to "help" me type.

Winston also likes to nap

He was much smaller when we got him, but was still a full pound heavier than Maggie, even though they were the same age.

I had no idea how much stuff comes with having cats but we are working on finding a place for everything. Mini vacuum, litter box, litter, dry food, wet food, toys, cat tree...slowly everything is finding a place!

Once we have a place for everything I am looking forward to sharing a video on my channel with a tour of our new home. In the mean time I hope you have enjoyed these photos of our kitties.

I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things and back to a regular posting schedule.

Real life comes first, and in April I had a whole lot of real life happening.

I hope everything has been well with you!



Maggie and Winston do not come from the same litters. In retrospect that would have been easier, but then we wouldn't have the two little furballs that we love today. When we first introduced them they were hissing and chasing and hiding from each other, and fighting. We would lock one in the bed room while the other would explore the rest of the apartment, and then after a few hours we would switch them out. This helped them get use to the scent of the other one. They would also paw under the door. We then bought a pet gate... but they were so tiny and they just slipped through it so we ended up returning the gate. After a few days we would let them have supervised time together and while now a month later they will tumble a bit, my research shows it to be more so play fighting. They get along great now!

When we first got Maggie we kept her in the bedroom as a "safe room". This helped her get more comfortable with her new life. Once she was happy to be around me I let her explore the rest of the apartment.

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