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Friday 12 May 2017

pur cosmetics review

Every now and again I get the chance to try a new product, and that product just blows me away. Today I am excited to be sharing some new products from Pur with you. I'm pretty sure that this will be my first time talking about them on my blog, and let me tell you, I am impressed.

pur cosmetics bare it all

The Bare It All foundation is available in 10 shades (I wear Porcelain) and retails for $39 USD. It has a very thick consistency that takes some effort to work onto the skin. I find it is easier to apply if I use a hydrating primer underneath. Once the foundation is on my skin it is on, and not moving anywhere. I find it stays true to colour on me through the day and does not really show signs of wear. I can wear it to the gym, or to a fancy event, and look great. It has pretty high coverage and I find a little really does go a long way.

I like to apply it with Pur's Skin Perfecting Foundation Brush ($28 USD) using a combination of circular buffing motions and long downward flicks. I then use my fingers to pat the foundation around the crevasses of my nose. 

You can check out the foundation here and the brush here

pur cosmetics vanity palette

When I first saw these palettes I thought that the white plastic rectangle was wasted space. However it was quickly pointed out to me just how useful that section was... it allows for the mirror to stand in a way I haven't seen before. That trick alone makes this palette great for travel, and for keeping in your desk at work! So. useful.

The aptly named Vanity Palette for Eyes & Cheeks comes in two shades: A warm-neutral palette named "Dream Chaser" and a cooler toned "Goal Digger". Each palette has a blush, bronzer and a highlighter, plus four eye-shadows each sharing a pan with another. And that mirror!

pur cosmetics vanity palette dream chaser

Dream Chaser

pur cosmetics vanity palette goal digger

Goal Digger

While Goal Digger looks lovely, I found Dream Chaser to be more flattering on me. In this picture I am using just the single palette for blush, bronzer, highlighter and eye shadow. I was surprised by how pigmented the blush was. The bronzer was lighter than expected, and more so provided much needed warmth to my skin rather than definition. I loved the warm sun-set eye look I was easily able to put together.

As for my skin, I am wearing the Bare It All foundation applied with the foundation brush previously discussed. As you can see, it photographs beautifully!

pur cosmetics vanity palette

Bare It All foundation & Dream Chaser palette

pur cosmetics vanity palette

As you can probably tell, I am really impressed by these products! You can find Pur at many Shoppers Drug Marts. I find it is usually just outside of the Beauty Boutique near where you may find Quo or Gosh. The foundation is one of my new go-tos and I can see myself packing it for Europe this summer-- it seems like it would be sweat-proof which is exactly what I will be looking to wear for days full of hardcore touristing! 

Have you tried any products from this brand? Anything I must try?

Happy May xoxo

Products sent for review, opinions are my own. Gold stars to my boyfriend for taking the photos of me actually wearing the products!

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