5 Things I Wish I Had In My Purse When I Need Them

Wednesday 24 May 2017

5 Things I Wish I Had In My Purse When I Need Them

One night a few days  weeks(ish) ago I was reading some other blogs and I came across a fun post on Erin Azmir's blog titled "5 Things I Wish I Had In My Bag When I Needed It". It was really relatable, and I thought it would be fun to curate my list! Keep reading to see what I wish I had with me basically all the time. Which really I should just go and put these in my purse now and be done with it...


I'm that girl at work that everybody comes to when they need something girly... tampons? yup. Pink nail polish? yup. Pain killers? yup. So one time a month or two ago a co-worker came to me frantically looking for concealer. Our boss was about to make a media appearance...and he needed a touch up. Did I have something that would work? And my answer, when I was most needed, was no. I felt so bad! But I hardly use concealer, and almost never for work...I almost want to start stocking a concealer thats a bit too dark for me just in case.


Toonies are the king of pocket change. Big, heavy, and can be popped in a vending machine to produce a Diet Coke on command (plus a quarter). Add a loonie and a quarter and you have subway change. Worth $2 CAD Toonies are so useful and add up quickly.  Nothing feels better than finding a loose Toonie at the bottom of your purse. As far as I am concerned, Toonies are worth their weight in gold. And they are pretty heavy, as far as pocket change goes.  #SoCanadian

iPhone Charger

As a blogger I am always on my phone-- between social media and taking pictures my battery can end up pretty drained. Having a phone charger on my means I can always rejuice in an uber or at my computer at work-- or help a friend in need of a boost.

Brow Pencil

I am pretty confident in my skin and don't always feel the need to go out all dolled up.  That being said, I always prefer to be out with my brows touched up and a fresh coat of mascara. While I always have a mascara mini rolling around in my purse, I'm about 50/50 on having a brow pencil.

More Space

It seems no matter how big my purse is I always cram it full and need more space!

What are five things you wish you always had on hand when you need them?

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