Bite Lip Lab Toronto | Review & Tips To Make Your Trip A Success

Thursday 25 May 2017

bite beauty lip lab toronto san Fransisco new york review

A few months ago my friend Courtney and I went to the Bite Lip Lab in Toronto to design our own custom lipsticks! Today I wanted to share with you a quick run down of our experience and to share some tips with you on how to make your trip a success!

When booking your appointment you have a choice between the "Custom" experience and the "Bespoke" experience. 

The "Custom" experience will run you $55 for 1 lipstick or $80 for two while "Bespoke" will set you back $150 for two lipsticks with no option for just one. With the "Custom" option you can pick from about 200 different shades, and then customize your scent and finish. With the "Bespoke" option you can completely design the colour and also the scent and finish. The "Bespoke" experience also includes a lip kit with a scrub and mask.

Here is a quick Instagram video I did featuring our "Bespoke" experience. I don't know if they do this for the "Custom" experience but with "Bespoke" they put our initials on the caps. My only regret was not including my middle initial! 

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bite beauty lip lab toronto san Fransisco new york review

bite beauty lip lab toronto san Fransisco new york review bespoke

Here is a close up of the sheet that is used to create the bespoke lipsticks. One thing that I found really helped me get the colour I wanted was coming prepared. I brought a few lipsticks to swatch so that way I could create the colour that was basically the perfect combination of all three. If you have a lipstick that you love but with it was a bit more _____ something (brown, pink, orange, matte, whatever) bringing it in can really help you get the colour you want. One thing I learned is that one person's idea of a deep berry wine can be more fuchsia and another persons idea can be basically black with a hint of red. Bringing some colours to start the conversation really helps.

bite beauty lip lab toronto san Fransisco new york review bespoke

You can see the example bag I brought with me. Thankfully I only needed to swatch about 3 of them!

After you and your artist consult they create the first batch of your lipstick, and you get to try it on. From there you provide comment -- too red, more pink, more nude, less brown, etc, and then your artist will make a second and third batch until you get the colour you want. While I was told that they will make as many versions as it takes for you to be happy, most people nail it down by the fourth or fifth round. 

My artist told me that it really helps when people have an idea of what they want to make when they come in. Its easier to say, nail down the perfect red, than it is to just in general make a nice lipstick.

bite beauty lip lab toronto wine

For a small price you can also purchase a glass of wine to sip on while you create your master piece. I figured since I was already spending $150 what was another $7 (ish) for some wine? It added to the experience and made us feel classier.... so :)

bite beauty lip lab toronto wine

From a blogger perspective I found that the lighting was kind of yellow (and it did not help that we went in the winter when there was no natural light), but here you can see our final product with our initials! I created a wine-berry and the perfect nude, while Courtney made a brown and an orange brown.
bite lip lab custom lipstick cost

Featured around the lab were all of Bite products. Who wouldn't want their entire collection? Haha maybe someday... :D

bite lip lab custom lipstick cost

Here are two happy campers leaving with our lipsticks and lip kits!

bite lip lab custom lipstick take home kit

Our lip kits contained the cherry lip scrub, lip primer and agave lip mask. The scrub smells so good and I love the mask so this was a nice touch!

bite lip lab bespoke or custom

My perfect nude shade. It is "Bitch Please" meets "Pillow Talk" both by Charlotte Tilbury. Should it be "Pillow Please" or "Bitch Talk"? I like "Pillow Please".

bite lip lab bespoke or custom

bite lip lab bespoke or custom

My second shade is a wine-berry shade which I have named "More Merlot". Another name I was thinking of was "Pino Berry". Clearly I would be really good at this cosmetics naming thing... where can I sign up for that job?

Bite Lip Labs are located in Toronto, New York and San Fransisco. If you are a beauty obsessed individual and have not yet gone and made your own lipstick I highly recommend it. We made it in to a really fun girls day out! You can also book out the space upstairs for private events (like a Bachelorette Party!). This could also be a really fun mother-daughter day!

At the end of the day either the "Bespoke" or "Custom" experience will have you leaving with a lipstick or two that you love. Only you know what experience is best for you and your budget. Courtney and I made it into a fancy girls day out and wanted the whole experience. Getting to entirely create my own lipstick was amazing. However with 200 shades to choose from in the "Custom" experience I am sure that they have exactly what you are looking for. It all comes down to you! I have not tried the "Custom" experience so I can't speak to it, but I had a great time with the "Bespoke" experience as a special treat.

Have you tried this experience yet? I would love to get your thoughts in the comments!

I paid for this experience with my own money. From time to time Bite gifts me product. 

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