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Monday 8 May 2017

Pure and simple sheet mask

I love a good sheet mask, and with all of the stress of moving and unpacking and settling in to my new routine, well let's just say that I have earned some time to relax. I admit that I have fallen behind on my reviews, but my hope is that I can catch up over the next few weeks and get back to my usual posting schedule. As a reward for sticking with me I will be posting some photos of my kitties!
Recently Pure + Simple (one of my favourite spas in Toronto!) sent me a few masks to try out.

I had never tried a charcoal sheet mask before, and was curious to see what it would be like. The Black Charcoal Detox Mask  looks just like a standard sheet mask, only it is black. I used this one day when my skin was feeling a bit oily

More generally, I found the material used for the mask to feel thick and nice. There was a generous amount of serum in the packets, which is something I appreciate. If you want to save some money you can purchase the masks in a multi-pack.

As for this specific mask I was amazed at how much it evened out my skin tone, soaked up the oil, and generally left my skin looking clear. I did not find it irritating, though when I removed the mask I did not love how the serum felt as it dried so I opted to remove the excess with toner.

You can purchase this mask here, or here if you want to save some money on a larger order.

The Super Hydrating Face + Neck Mask is simply a great quality sheet mask.

I would describe this mask as a very traditional sheet mask. It is everything you would expect (including clear liquid and a white sheet!), but obviously higher quality than I am use to. The mask is plush and left my skin looking right, hydrated and clean.

Obviously as 1 time use products I can't speak to any longer term benefits but both left my skin looking and feeling great!

You can purchase this mask here, or here if you want to save some money on a larger order.

As always, Pure + Simple products are safe & natural for your skin!

PS-- Sorry that I haven't been posting much lately. At the start of April I moved to a new apartment, and then two weeks later we adopted two kittens (who by the way are my favourite little buddies), and then last weekend my boyfriend moved in. I am hoping to be back at full speed in June, and for May I just want to get back to posting regularly. Thanks for sticking with me! xoxo

Products provided for my review. Opinions remain my own.

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