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Tuesday 16 February 2016


Recently I had the opportunity to attend an event with Wet n' Wild where I had the chance to play with all sorts of their products.  I have a few more posts to share, but first, the products that I am probably the most excited about: 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Polish.  1 Step comes in 18 different colours ranging from gorgeous nudes to bold brights.
Described as "the first gel formula that doesn't require a top coat and cures without a lamp", they claim that 1 Step provides up to 2 weeks of colour and shine in "1 easy step".

So let's look at what this product claims: Up to 2 weeks of colour and shine, no UV light, no harsh removal, and 3-Free (Formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates).  It is easy to confirm that no UV light as required as the polish was applied to my nails at the event, and check, no light.  As for harsh removal?  Well to swatch all the polishes that you are about to see, it was easy to remove as any polish.  You can confirm that it is 3-Free here.  So, all that is really left to consider is wear time.  I have worn two of these polishes in my regular day-to-day life (Stay Classy and Pale in Comparison) and found that each lasted a good 4-5 days with out any chips or signs of wear. I bet you could get a few more days out of it, but I like to change up my nails and I like to keep my polish looking perfect. While I did not experience 2 weeks of wear, I was still quite happy with the results.  

While this collection has 18 colours I only have 10 to share with you today.  I suppose I could have grabbed one of each colour, but I preferred to just pick the colours I was more likely to wear!

Missy In Pink

wet n wild  Missy In Pink

Pinky Swear

wet n wild pinky swear

Condensed Milk

wet n wild condensed milk

Pale in Comparison 

wet n wild Pale in Comparison

Coral Support

wet n wild Coral Support

Pardon My Peach 

wet n wild Pardon My Peach

Pretty Peas

wet n wild pretty peas

All That Jazzy 

wet n wild all that jazzy

Stay Classy 

wet n wild stay classy

Bye Feluschia!

wet n wild Bye Feluschia!

Overall, I was pretty happy with this polish.  By far, my favourite name was "Bye Feluschia!" but in terms of colours I was much more drawn to "Stay Classy", "Pale in Comparison" and "Condensed Milk".  All photos feature two coats of the polish, properly dried.  I like that most of the names are either punny or sassy, both of which I approve of!

These polishes retail for $4.99 USD (So probably about $6 in Canada) and are availiable at all the usual drug stores that you would expect!

The other colours available are: It's Sher-Bert Day, Crime of Passion, Lavender Out Loud, Peri-wink-le of an Eye, Cyantific Method, Left Marooned, Under My Plum, Power Outage.

Products were provided for my review. 

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