OPI x Hello Kitty | Swatch & Review

Wednesday 17 February 2016

opi hello kitty swatch and review

When I heard that OPI was coming out with a Hello Kitty collection, I had to get my hands on it. This collection is filled with all things pretty, sparkly, shimmery and pink!  Bringing back all sorts of childhood memories, picking what polishes to order was pretty tough!

While my attention for polishes has come and gone from OPI, I have always loved their high gloss formula and their wide brush.  Generally two coats covers the full nail with a gorgeous opaque finish (you know, unless the polish is actually sheer.)

opi hello kitty swatch and review

I mainly order from OPI when they have a collection that is too me to pass up (such as the Coca Cola collection & their Diet Coke polish.  Omg love, and these pretty pastel shades.)  And when I do order OPI I almost always do so from Nail Polish Canada

And so with that, I wanted to share some swatches and my thoughts on each polish.  All swatches feature two coats.  Each nail polish retails for $10.25.

opi hello kitty swatch and review look at my bow

Look At My Bow! is another opaque crème, somewhere between bubblegum pink, mauve, and mid-tone pink.  This polish has a bit more of a blue/purple undertone to it, and it really brings out a tan.  I think this would be a perfect polish for summer (or for a winter getaway!).

opi hello kitty swatch and review cute and small

Cute + Small = <3 is a pretty bubblegum crème pink. Opaque with two coats, this colour is girly and fun! This polish is a bit too bright and bubblygummy for my usual winter tastes (see next swatch) but I think this really is a perfect spring pink!

opi hello kitty swatch and review lets be friends

Let's Be Friends is a beautiful modern pale crème pink.  You could argue that it fits into the Colour of the Year: Rose Quartz.  I love how sleek yet feminine this colour is, and I will probably be wearing this until spring finally gets here!  A perfect pink for winter.  Two coats and this polish is basically opaque.  A third coat would make it flawless.

opi hello kitty swatch and review charmmy and sugar

Charmmy & Sugar combines every pink, glittery obsession you have ever had.  I once counted and I have about 400 bottles of nail polish (no joke.  Yes, I know, yes, really) and I can honestly say I don't have a polish that even comes close.  Sheer, super reflective, pink, gold, silver, multi-colour glitter.  If I wasn't such a Hello Kitty fan, I probably wouldn't love this shade.  It is the kind of polish that I love that I own, but I probably won't wear it much.  I just love that I own it.  It could be cool for nail art.  But mostly it will look cool in my case ^.^.  Also that name! ^.^  My little brother's nick name as a kid was Charmmy (based off Charmander the Pokemon! Trololololol)

So there you have my thoughts on the OPI Hello Kitty Collection!  I wish I could afford to get my hands on the full collection, but I am really thrilled with what I did purchase, and am the most in love with Lets Be Friends.

Have you tried any polishes from this collection?  What are your thoughts?

p.s. I love the detail on the bottles.

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