My Trip to Smooth Wax Bar in Toronto*

Wednesday 24 February 2016

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Earlier this month I was invited for a complimentary waxing service of my choice at Smooth Wax Bar in Liberty Village, Toronto.  Given that those services can get pricey, I figured, why not? They claimed that it "maximum smoothness with minimum ouch".  So look, I was a little sceptical, but all in the name of blogging, right?

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I arrive at the event in Liberty Village and find snacks, wine, and other goodies.  After signing some forms I am escorted to my room for my wax.  I made a joke to my (lovely, warm and welcoming) esthetician that it would only hurt for like, 40 minutes.  She looked at me like I was crazy and said I would be done in 20...and she was right!  Not only did really not hurt all too much, but I was in and out in a grand total of about 25 minutes.  I've had waxes in the past that have left me with bruises, or little bloody spots on my skin from where the hair was ripped away.  But not this time!  While I think it is a stretch to say any wax is enjoyable, this is as good as it gets both in terms of atmosphere and in terms of how you feel both during and after the service.

smooth was bar toronto hard wax

What makes Smooth Wax Bar different is that rather than use the hot wax with the cotton strips to remove the hair, they use hard wax.  Imported from Australia, they actually carry two different waxes: one for the usual crowd, and one for harder to reach hairs.  The warm (not hot!) wax is applied to the area that the hair is to be removed from, and then once it hardens it is gently ripped off.  Because they apply an oil to the skin before the wax, the wax manages to grip on to the hair with out ripping on your skin.  Which means that at the end of the day you aren't limping out in pain in the name of beauty.

After my service was completed I had a chance to chat with the owners.  We chatted about their services and business model, and agreed that Liberty village was the perfect place for them.  While it may be a *tiny* bit out of my way, the service was so great and the pain so minimal that I know I will be going back!

smooth was bar toronto hard wax

They were also kind enough to provide me some goodies to take home, that I will likely share in greater detail in future posts.  Which, I'll be honest, I am mid way through moving and have not had the chance to enjoy yet!

Smooth Wax Bar offers monthly memberships and tabs that you can learn more about here.

I always love when I have the opportunity to review local services on my blog.  If you decide to check them out (which you totally should)  use my promo code: classyontherun and you will get 25% off your services at Smooth until April 2016.

Over all I am really glad that I had the chance to try their services.  To be honest, if I was not offered a chance to review I probably would not have gone west of University for the service (I'm an east end girl) but now that I know how pain free the service is, I know I will be back!

Smooth Wax Bar is located in Liberty Village at 110 Atlantic Avenue, just off of King Street West. They also have a location in London, Ontario. They also have a location in London, Ontario.

As mentioned, the service was provided for my review. 

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