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Monday 22 February 2016

clean reserve blonde rose review

Recently CLEAN launched a new line of fragrances that is a bit of a departure from their usual niche. While traditionally CLEAN fragrances remind me of fresh laundry in the very best possible way (Warm Cotton, Cool Cotton, Cashmere, etc.), CLEAN Reserve includes fresh, crisp and unique blends such as Terra Woods, Smoked Vetiver, Amber Saffron, and several others.  I was interested to see that Rain, Skin, and Warm Cotton are also available as Reserve blends.  I was fortunate enough to have Blonde Rose land on my desk, which is the scent that I was most drawn to on name alone.  

clean reserve blonde rose review

Inspired by the press release, after the photo I tossed
these rose petals into a relaxing bubble bath. 

With top notes of "Aldehydic, Watery, and Lime", middle notes of "Rose, Peony and Jasmine: and base notes of "Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Musk", this fragrance is fresh, floral, and not at all over powering.  I like that it is subtle as I find it appropriate to wear to work.  Roses, Peony, Jasmine and Sandalwood are some of my favourite fragrance notes, but I find that this product smells different from the usual fragrances I am drawn to-- much fresher, and more of a day scent than an evening scent. 

"CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose is a true feminine balanced floral that is subtle yet sophisticated and sexy. Watery freshness and zesty lime exhilarates and uplifts, while rose, soft jasmine and peony reveal a simple yet beautiful purity. Our perfumer was inspired by an escape to a warm bubble bath infused with rose petals and a daydream."

CLEAN Reserve also has a sustainability element to it.  They use Sandalwood from Sri Lanka where locals use ecologically sound harvesting practices to extract the tree's oil. They also use boutique distillers to provide small batch oils promoting small and local businesses.

I was really impressed by how heavy the bottle is.  It has a nice weight to it, which is always one of my favourite things about higher end products.  The cap is sourced from Spain with wood from certified sustainably managed forests.  Together the bottle feels clean and crisp but also with substance. CLEAN wanted to create the next generation of eco-conscious, simple fragrances, and I think they succeeded.

"Rooted in aldehydes, florals and powdery citruses, traditional CLEAN Classic fragrances offer comforting functional nostalgia akin to pulling towels fresh from the dryer. Yet, there is another form of “clean” emerging with the introduction of CLEAN Reserve. Blending ingredients like exotic saffron, spiced herbs, wild moss, myrrh, birch, fir balsam, patchouli and leathery woods, these 9 new fragrances introduce a unique and modern freshness to the definition of CLEAN."

CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose retails for $125 CAD for 3.4 fl oz/100 mL and is exclusive to Sephora. They suggest pairing it with Sueded Oud or Smoked Vetiver.

What do you think of CLEAN's latest creation?

Also-- I just wanted to share how happy I was to come across a "blonde rose" because I really wanted to get the photos for this product right ^.^

Products were provided for my review. 

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