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Monday 8 February 2016

ikea haul

For those of you who don't know, I am currently in the process of moving.  While I won't be living with my boyfriend (he still has another year of law school) I will be totally re-doing my bedroom, and more importantly, my make-up set up.  Over the next month or two I will share my progress, and eventually my final set up!
The furniture in my bedroom is simply too large for my new space.  As in, it entirely won't fit.  My furniture will be going into storage until I have a space that does fit it.  And, in the mean time I have picked up some new IKEA furniture to tide me over.

I'll admit that I have always been a bit jealous of the beauty bloggers who have a clean white space to photograph and film, so of course if I have to change my set up, I wanted to upgrade to a bright, white, clean space.  I think that my new brighter space will be great for product flat lays, and maybe even some Youtube videos.

ikea kallax and baskets

I purchased four IKEA pieces that I will be sharing with you today.  I don't want to spoil how pretty they will look once they are all in place, so I will be focusing on how I will be using them, and then once everything is set up I will share an update.

Kallax (Box) $59

I bought this pretty 2x2 box style shelving unit to store some of my various odds and ends.  I plan to use the two bottom bins to hold most of my extra stash of make-up and beauty products.  One of the boxes on the top will hold my curling iron/straighter/blow dryer etc, along with my hair sprays and all that.  Finally the last box will hold my socks and underwear.  If I can get my make-up down to one bin I will use the other for shoes. 

Stave Mirror $29.99

This mirror will go on top of my Kallax 2x2 unit.

Knipsa (Baskets) $19.99 x 5

Four of these baskets, as you have seen, will go inside my 2x2 Kallax.  I love that they add some contrast to the white while also hiding a whole bunch of mess.

Kallax (Shelf) $79.99

My 1x4 Kallax shelf will go between the wall and my bed.  The top two units will act as a book shelf. The very bottom unit will have a Knipsa box, and the one above it will have a 2 drawer insert.  In many ways this will act as a bedside table.

I wanted the 2 drawer insert to hold wires and chargers, and all of those things that you want neatly tucked away.  Going from four bedside drawers to two will be tough. 

The core staple of any Youtube beauty guru's set up, this single drawer dresser is elegant, modern, and beautiful.  I look forward to getting everything all set up on top and inside, and to giving you all a tour of my collection.  

Small Mirror (Similar) $14.99

I couldn't find the exact mirror from the first photo, but this is similar. Perfect for doing eyeliner or mascara, this mirror will sit on top of my Malm dressing table.  In front of it is a small serving dish that I picked up at Home Sense where I will place my jewellery, rings, watch, and so on. 

Melltorp (Chair) $25

My dad suggested this chair because it is small and suits the room.

To spice up the aforementioned chair I grabbed a sheep skin to drape over the back.  I opted for the real sheep skin because it is so much softer, but if you wanted to save some money you could get the Tejn for $14.99, which is a fake sheep skin.  I found the material to be rather scratchy and the hair to look more yellow, so I preferred the real one. 

ikea kallax and baskets

My boyfriend and I working together to build my Malm (?)

ikea kallax and baskets

My boyfriend building my 1x4 Kallax.

So there you have my IKEA haul.  I can't wait to have everything all set up to share with you!

Huge bonus points to my amazing boyfriend who not only ordered my Valentine's day gift using my Sephora account (oh hi there points) but he actually drove me to IKEA, helped me bring everything inside, and then helped me build the stuff.  I built the Malm and 2x2 Kallax on my own, but he built my chair and the 1x4 Kallax (and helped with the Malm).  So after we were done I took him out to dinner.  Like I said.  Best boyfriend :)  His only comment about my room was that it looked like a "doll house".  Ummm thanks :*

Any suggestions for things to add to my vanity?

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