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Wednesday 17 February 2016

ipsy generation beauty toronto

Doesn't it always seem that Canada gets the short end of the beauty stick?  Higher prices.  Less events.  And don't even get me started about shipping costs! Well, IPSY is making things a little bit better by bringing Generation Beauty to Toronto!
What is IPSY Generation? Well I can only speak to what I have heard from other bloggers.  (But of course I will let you know all about it after!).  Basically all sorts of brands (Smashbox, Nudestix, Pixi, NYX, Too Faced, just to name a few!) have booths with sales, samples and demonstrations.  It is a chance to learn more, connect more, and yes, buy more.  They are also really pushing their $200 swag bag (omg yes-- they advertise it as their "Best Swag Bag Ever").

You can buy your ticket here.  The event takes place at an unnamed location in Toronto (I can only hope it is TTC accessible!) on May 14th and 15th.  Your ticket gets you in for both days (from my understanding).  I purchased a Pioneer Ticket for about $60, but they are now sold out.  Tickets are now $100 Early Bird.  

I hope this event is a huge success so other brands can see that Canada is a great place to bring beauty events!

Let me know if you will be there <3

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