Coming to Toronto | Inglot Cosmetics

Thursday 28 August 2014

Inglot Cosmetics, a Polish make-up line will be opening its first Canadian store this Fall.  It will be located in Toronto at Yonge and Dundas.  They are known for their "Freedom Systems" which is a completely customizable palette for eyes, lips, and face.

With the Face Shop and Inglot now in Toronto, I can only hope that Kiko (my favourite European exclusive beauty brand) will follow suit!

I will admit-- I have never heard of Inglot before hearing of their release.  But I look forward to learning more about them when I stop by their store once it opens.  Looking forward to designing my own palette!  I know I won't be combining creams and powders (annoying!) but creating my own eyeshadow palette should be fun!

Looking forward to regular posts next week!  Still enjoying my vacation :)

A "Freedom System" with just lip products.

Sorry for the lack of posts | On Vacation

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Hi there!

I realize I haven't been posting as much as usual lately.  I just wanted to give everybody a little update.  I am on vacation this week in the New England area and am having a blast.  I don't frequently have access to the internet, but I have had some fun at Ulta, TJ Maxx, and Target.  I can't wait to show you what I picked up and the fantastic deals I have found.  Suffice to say Glamglow, full size, at TJ Maxx for $29.99 is not an urban legend.

Today I went to Six Flags for the very first time, and to Olive Garden, also for the first time.  Its been an amazing week so far.  Off to Cape Cod for the next few days!

I'll be back next week with loads to share.

Take care!

Canadian Brand | Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Sunday 24 August 2014

I am a total sucker for luxe, niche, local soap companies.  Over the next few months I will be reviewing some of my favourite small soap businesses.  

I first stumbled across Rocky Mountain Soap Company two years ago while I was trailing in Banff, Alberta.  I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere of the store, the smell of the soaps, and the quality of their products.  I had such a hard time narrowing down my purchase!  When I was back in Banff last fall I had to pick up a few more pieces.  While I bought some other soaps at that time, this is all I have left!

Rocky Mountain Soap Company soaps can be purchased in the Rockies, select air port gift shops, and a few speciality shops I have seen in Toronto, and of course online.  They are made on site in Alberta (Canmore, I think!) and are filled with good for you ingredients.  I have never felt "dry" after using their soaps.  These retail in the $5-$8 range.  Affordable, but not cheap.  

I would place them in a similar price category to Lush, maybe a little cheaper, but with the benefit that you are supporting a Canadian company that makes a fantastic product.  And of course the benefit that the product is really good for you.

These soaps come all wrapped up in a waxed paper that indicates the type of soap and what they are good for.

Seaweed & Spearmint | Normal Skin Face/Body

This soap smells really fresh-- you can really smell the spearmint.  I love this soap for my face, especially on days that my skin feels extra oily.  Its also a nice relaxing treat to use on my body.  I adore the way it steams up the shower.  When I had a cold the other wayI found it helped clear out my nose which was a nice bonus.

Honey, Oats & Cocoa Butter | Dry Skin - Face

I know this is a face soap but it is such a moisturizing treat to use on my whole body for a nice evening bath.  I can't get over how sweet and luxurious this soap smells and feels.  There are little flecks of oats which are nice for exfoliation.  The honey and cocoa lather up nicely to a soft creamy bubbly delight.

Avocado Facial Bar | Normal/Combination

This bar is a dedicated face bar.  I like that it clears up oil with out being overly drying.  It also has a pleasant gentle scent.  I like keeping this bar on hand for travel because sometimes transporting a konjac sponge isn't easy.

Pumpkin | Extremely Dry Skin

I'm actually not a pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin spice whatever they ares... none of that for me.  However, if you like pumpkins you will probably like this super moisturizing soap.  I gifted it to a friend and am trusting her word on it.


Of this bunch, my favourite is the Honey, Oats & Cocoa soap because of how utterly wonderful it smells and how luxurious it feels.  Rocky Mountain Soap Company has all sorts of scents, and many other non-soap products such as body butters and bath salts.  You can check them out online here.  If you are ever in the Rockies (especially in Banff) I encourage you to pop by their store and enjoy the whole experience.  I know I will be back next time I am in town!

New Essence Nail Polish | Sparkling Sugar and Glitter Jewels

Saturday 23 August 2014

Essence has come out with some adorable new polishes in beautiful finishes.  I picked up a baby pink polish in a "sparkling sugar" finish, and a glittery orchid polish in a "glitter jewel" finish.

Thumb: Sparkling Sugar (2 coats)
Left to Right: Sparkling Jewel over a purple, hot pink, and baby pink polish.
Pinkie: Glittering Jewel (2 coats)

I like this colour on its own, but I love it over the deep purple.  It reminds me of the nights sky in the most beautiful way.  On its own it has a similar base to Julep Love/Katherine, but with more of purple lean.  The purple glitter chunks add some fun too.

The Sparkling Sugar polish has a finish similar to Julep Stardust polishes.

These polishes retail for $1.99 and given their price have a fantastic wear time.  I don't often buy Essence nail polishes, but these new finishes were too beautiful to pass up!  I can't wait to wear the Sparkling Sugar on its own.

What beauty steals have you picked up lately?

Deal Alert | Sephora Sale Section

Friday 22 August 2014

Sometimes when I am bored I check out the Sephora Sale section.  When I checked it out today there were loads of new items including brush sets, Tarte cheek stains, OCC lip name it!  I've included two screen shots, but its well worth your time to go check it out!

If I was going to buy something it would be the Ole Henriksen set.  I love his products, and need some minis for travel!

Happy shopping!

The Great Mask Off: PHYTO Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Brilliance Mask

I am in the quest for the perfect hair mask...and after trying three I have come close, but no cigar.  This Phyto mask was probably my least favourite.  While it comes in a pretty gold package, it smells and feels like Elmer's glue.  In the name of (hair) science I put it in my hair and didn't notice much.

I was hoping it would make my hair healthier and shinier, but I found it left my hair with a bit of a matted texture.  I will admit that the next day my hair seemed marginally better, but not good enough to merit using it again.  I will be returning this mask to Sephora.

"A staple at top salons, this aromatic formula is enriched with jojoba oil and guar gum to instantly moisturize, soften, and detangle without weighing hair down. A unique concentration of angelica root extract (75%) and sweet orange essential oil give hair manageability, shine, and a look of vitality and elasticity."

It looks like mashed banana cream and smells and has the consistency of school glue.  Gross.

After shampooing my hair as usual I worked this mask through my hair and left it alone for 5 minutes while I sat at the bottom of the shower and shaved my legs.  I followed the following instructions to a T:

Suggested Usage:
-On wet hair, distribute product with a wide-toothed comb, from roots to ends.
-Leave on for two to five minutes, depending on hair's thickness.
-Rinse thoroughly.

I usually am a huge fan of Phyto products so I will give their other mask a shot.  I wanted to love this product so badly, and had such high hopes but at the end of the day it just isn't right for me. I am really disappointed by this.  I think that next time I will try Moroccan Oil brand mask, and pure coconut oil.

If you are interested in purchasing this mask you can do so here:  PHYTO Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Brilliance Mask

Do you have any suggestions for quality hair masks for long hair girls?

Taylor Swift | Shake It Off

Thursday 21 August 2014

Yesterday morning I stumbled across a new Taylor Swift song in my newsfeed.  I'm a pretty big T-Swift fan, but in many ways this song falls short for me.

Its catchy and fun and I have probably listened to it 20 times this morning.  But for a woman so gifted with words, the lyrics are amateurish at best.  For somebody so graceful, her attempt to fail at dancing with professionals comes across as unauthentic.

I still love Taylor, but I wish she had let her talent shine in this song.  Instead, this strikes me as a fun song that will be easily forgotten.  I hope that her new album is made of higher quality stuff.

What do you think of the song?

Julep September 2014 | Art Walk Collection

Wednesday 20 August 2014

If you would like to see Julep's official post, click here!
All photos are from

The 20th of every month is sort of like Christmas for me because the Julep Maven window opens.  Armed with 2000 jules and a pre-paid box I went a litttttttle crazy this month.  But I am only paying about $25 out of pocket so oh well!

I am actually in love with this collection.  I even love the polishes I didn't order.  Erin is lovely, I just don't wear greys, and Mahima is pretty too but I have more than enough gold Juleps to last a lifetime.  I love the neutral tones for fall, and don't even get me started on the lip products.  I love lip products.

Yesterday I posted the Julep spoilers.  Not featured was Ana, a white jagged glitter topcoat:

Its a neat polish, so I added it to my box.  It was an add-on only polish. Other than that, the items were the exact same as seen in yesterday's spoilers.

As usual if you select 3 or more add ons you get a special gift.  What was interesting this month is that there was space for six total add ons.

I ordered a Modern Beauty box with the Aurora Pink and Cardinal Red Plush Pouts and then added on the Bombshell Box, Quinn, Lupita, and Ana and Mary Lee (which aren't pictured because I have a tiny computer and it wouldn't pick up in the screen shot!)

Best part?  Since my box is pre-paid, and I am using 2000 jules on the Bombshell add-on, I am only paying out of pocket for the 4 polishes.  My mom is ordering Ryan, Fifi and the Almond Nude lip product, so when these arrive I will also have the pleasure of reviewing those.  And maybe if she doesn't love them...

I have never come this close to ordering the entire collection.  I really love the colours, and the lip products.  Last month's shipping was a disaster, so let's hope that this month goes better.

If you are interested in joining Julep, I would appreciate it if you would consider using my referral link found in the tab on your right.


I seem to lack will power, so I added on Erin.  Love the name, and maybe I will become a grey person? 

What did you order this month?

In a Rush | How to do your makeup on the run

Tuesday 19 August 2014

This morning was just crazy for me!  My alarm went off but I missed it, and I had two super important meetings tray meaning that I couldn't be late, and had to look good.  The only problem?  I didn't have enough time to do both this morning!

So I did what I like to think of my not-yet-patented method:  I did my foundation and blush, and then ran out the door.

When I got to my office I went to the washroom, and 5 minutes later I was ready to go.  Here's how I did it:

1) I picked up a little travel brush set at Walmart the other day.  For $9.95 I got a easy to use little pouch filled with six mini brushes.  I actually bought this for travel, but it sure came in handy this morning!  All of these brushes are eye focused, so when I travel I will also need to pack my face brushes.  But for a morning on the run? Fantastic.

2) I filled the little pouch on the left with a few key essentials:

-Hair elastics for french braids
-Urban Decay Naked Basics
-Mini mascara
-Julep eyelash curler
-Urban Decay eyeshadow primer sample
-Stila Convertible Colour in Peony (lips and cheeks)
-Urban Decay double ended eyeliner
-Smashbox nude liner
-Stila Liquid eyeliner

I was able to use the mirror from Naked Basics to see what I was doing.  I opted for a simple, blended smokey eye.  Of course, I had a lipgloss floating around my purse to bring it all together.

All packed up!  This little brush set was a life saver.  I showed one of the ladies I had lunch with and she insisted I send her the photo.  Who knew that Walmart would be so handy?  I was really happy to find that while the brushes aren't MAC quality, they do pack a good punch.  They are fluffy but stiff enough to pick up product.  The brushes have yet to shed excessively, and are pretty sturdy.  All in all, not bad for $10.  These will make travel much easier!

All packed up!

I was actually going to do a separate post just talking about what a great little find these brushes are, however since they came in super handy this morning I thought I would just toss it in here.

So to sum it up, when you are in a rush, do your foundation and blush, and toss anything else you may need in your purse and do it when you get there.  It helped that I had some shades to throw on in the morning.  If you need to you can always touch up before you go to anything important.  

I just love Walmart finds!

Julep | September 2014 Spoilers

Can you believe that the Maven window opens tomorrow?  This month has gone by pretty quick and I can't even believe I am saying that school is actually just around the corner.

As I am sure you have heard last month was pretty insane for Julep mis-haps.  From ladies getting empty boxes, to obscene numbers of random add ons just added to their boxes, to ladies only getting 1 thing they ordered.  The Canada boxes (apparently) shipped first, however it took 12 days from them taking our money to them giving us our shipping info.  My box still has yet to arrive.  I have even heard that despite sending the wrong items and replacing items people chose with odd replacements the they have been refusing refunds.  All I an say is if my box is wrong they will be hearing from me.

On the bright side I got 1900 free Jules for my troubles (as did many others) which means that with what I already have my box this month will be free.

I have found these spoilers floating around the internet:

The September collection is called "The Art Walk Collection" and I don't know about you, but the "poster" looks circa 1995 to me.  (But not in a bad way)

I suspect that regardless of which box you select that you can pick which lip product you get.  That seems to be their trend lately.

It Girl
Mahima - Amber gold creme (Julep sure loves their golds...Sienna...Margot...)
Ryan - Overcast team satin
Fifi - Tea time pink creme

Classic With a Twist
Quinn - Charcoal purple satin
Lupita - Ripe rhubarb creme 

Kirby - Silver jagged glitter top coat
Eliana - Soft denim creme

Boho Glam
Mary Lee - Oxblood satin
Erin - Oyster grey creme

Wow Julep.  This might be the first time that I can actually see myself wearing every colour, and every lip product.  I love lip crayons, so I know picking my box this month will be a challenge!  I might might opt for the entire upgrade. 

So far there are the products I think I am interested in:

Mary Lee

Plush Pout - Almond Nude
Plush Pout - Aurora Pink

If I don't go for the full upgrade, I could:

Modern Beauty - Almond Nude and Aurora Pink
Add Ons: Fifi, Quinn or Mary Lee, Lupita

Decisions...decisions.  I will let you know when I make up my mind!  In the mean time, what do you think you will order this month?

Bath and Body Works | Endless Weekend Sunset Body Scrub

Monday 18 August 2014

I love a good body scrub.  Theres something about scrubbing my way to softness that I enjoy.  And there is no softer feeling after shaving than after using a scrub and lotion.

Bath and Body Works actually makes my favourite scrubs.  Generally they are rougher than the scrubs by The Body Shop, and they always come in a tube which I find more hygienic than the tubs that The Body Shop uses.  

I should also add another thing I like about Bath and Body Works: The scents.  I love that the scents are varied and unique and oh-so-delicious.  

I was initially attracted to this scrub for two reasons: The name, and the fact that the tube looked like it was full of summer.  Seriously-- this scrub looks like sand and seashells from the beach.  Let's talk about the name.  Who doesn't love the idea of endless weekends at the beach?  Flawless.

This product retails for about $18.

I know it is hard to see in photos, but the scrub has a pink opalescent sheen to it that while looks pretty doesn't last on the skin.

This scrub also smalls like the beach.  Vanilla, sandalwood, and a spritz of salty ocean water and sunscreen all come to mind in the most fantastic of ways.  Its not too feminine-- even my boyfriend liked the smell!  I found that the (beautiful) smell didn't last on my skin, but it sure filled up my shower!


When squeezed out of the tub it looks like a tiny pile of beach on my hand.  Can you see the opal sheen?

This is a rougher scrub that honestly feels like sand.  I love it because I know it is buffing away the dead skin, but I can see how those with delicate skin may not enjoy it.  

When it washes away there is no opal sheen, and the scent fades pretty quick.  My hand was left soft and clean.  When I used this in the shower my legs felt so wonderfully soft.  I can't wait to use it again! I get the impression that it is a limited edition product so I will be using it sparingly.

Over all I really like this product, as I do more Bath and Body Works scrubs.  I hope that make more in a similar formula.  While I enjoy the scent it isn't my favourite scent that they make.  However, it is prefect for summer, vacations, and the beach.  I also picked up another scrub while I was at the store which I will review later.

What is your all time favourite body scrub?

Essie Basecoats: Protein vs. Ridge Filling

Sunday 17 August 2014

Last week I popped in Winners to kill some time before a meeting.  Seriously, I was an hour early.  There's something to be said for being just a head of schedule, but it would have been an inconvenience to the person I was meeting with to show up a whole hour early.  Any excuse to shop, right?

You can read about my trip to Winners here.  I ended up picking up two Essie base coast for $5.99 each.  I wanted to just get one, but I couldn't figure out which one was a better for for me.

I have been trying my Julep base coat with my Essie polishes but I keep on getting chips long before I should.  I have a theory that its best to use the same brand of base/polish/top because generally they are formulated to work together.  

Essie Protein Base Coat 
Protect + helps strengthen

This base coat dries semi-matte similar to the new Julep base coat.  

Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat
Smooth + Resurface

I actually thought I had mistakenly picked up Essie Ballet Flats (my favourite French-mani pink) when I saw this translucent baby pink product.  This dries with more shine than the Protein base coat.

I painted one hand with each base coat and then applied two coats of my favourite Essie polish, Ladylike.  I decided not to use a topcoat because I wanted to see how good these base coats were, and more importantly, which one worked better.

I painted my nails on Monday night.  Both hands were perfect until Friday morning when I noticed a small chip on the Ridge Filling base coat hand. By mid-day both hands had some chips, and that evening I removed my polish.

I found I preferred the Protein base coat purely based on how much easier it was to apply, and how much easier it was to apply polish on top.  However, both products have similar staying power, and of course with a top coat would last even longer.

I think I will keep my Protein base in my manicure box, and leave the Ridge Filling base at my boyfriends.  Both are great products, and for $5.99 you can't go wrong!  

Do you have a favourite base coat?

Princess Edition Memeboxes | Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel

Saturday 16 August 2014

Memebox has just launched 3 new Princess themed boxes!  They start shipping on October 7th and take...a while to show up.

They are crazy tempting.  I want all of them, but I think I will just stick to the Rapunzel box.  The themes are fantastic and spot on.  

I have two Memeboxes in the mail that I have yet to open so the logical part of me says I should wait and see how I like them.  The other part of my brain says "OMG Disney Princesses".  Decisions, decisions.

Use code U24R for $5 off any order.

The Snow White box is focused on skincare and skin brightening.

Naturally the Rapunzel box is focused on hair care.

The Sleeping Beauty box is make-up focused.

Are you going to order one of these boxes?

Minty Mint Mint Mint: My Top 5 Mint Polishes

Mint is one of my favourite colours.  For nail polish, clothing, purses, you name it!  Personally I tend to usually wear mint as a spring/summer colour, but to each their own.  I've been meaning to do this post for a while, but with my nail polish collection scattered around my house it took some work to find the ZOYA and Essie featured today.

From left to right.

Julep Shenae
This polish is a true mint with a subtle shimmer.  This is my go-to mint polish.  I love how forgiving the formula is, and how the subtle sparkle isn't too noticeable.

Essie Turquoise & Caicos
How can you not love the name?  This is a deeper mint with a grey-green lean to it.  A classic cream, there is nothing fancy going on here, which is just fine by me.  This colour is a bit more grown up, and subdued.  A great way to wear mint in the office.

Julep Devner
This is brighter and bolder than any of the other polishes featured today.  To me, this is the perfect colour to paint your toes with while sitting poolside.  This colour is in the mint-turquoise family.

ZOYA Neely
The palest of the five polishes featured today, this off-white mint is also great to wear to the office.  Fun enough to be interesting, but subtle enough to be classy.

Julep Kam
Kam is more of a green-that-wants-to-be-mint, but thats okay!  She is very close to Essie Turquoise & Caicos only a touch lighter and a tough more green.

Top to Bottom: Shenae, Turquoise & Caicos, Denver, Neely, Kam

Right to left: Neely, Denver, Turquoise & Caicos, Shenae
Thumb: Kam

Note: How similar Kam and Tuquoise & Caicos is

This photo is the most true-to-colour photo of swatches on my nails.

What is your favourite mint polish?  What colour family should I explore next?

The Great Mask Off: LUSH Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze

Friday 15 August 2014

After a long day at work I come home, put on some warm fuzzy PJ pants and a t-shirt and applied this mask to my hair.  I took a seat on my bed ready to do some homework when S says "Let's go out for dinner, my treat.".  Literally I just put a huge amount of smelly hair mask in my hair, and he decided to ask me out for dinner.  Did I mention I had just used my oil cleanser to take off all my make-up? Men. Haha-- if only he had asked literally 20 minutes earlier.  I ended up waiting the required 20 to 30 minutes,  hopping in the shower, washing out the mask, drying off, doing my makeup again, putting clothing on again and going out.  

"If your hair is a little fluffy, frizzy, dry, or out-of-control, Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze is made for you. Our specialty hair treatment, it's packed with copious amounts of moisturizing and nutrient-filled oils including organic jojoba, almond, Brazil nut and extra virgin coconut oil. It works brilliantly on curly hair as well, as all of the oils help define the curls and add loads of shine. And if that doesn’t stop passerby’s from stopping in their tracks, the jasmine fragrance will stick with you for days after using it, so you'll have irresistibly soft, shiny and sexy smelling locks."

"Apply generously to dry hair, leave on for 20 to 30 minutes, and then shampoo out. Use about a quarter of a pot for short hair, or about half a pot for longer hair. Those with very long hair should use the whole pot. (Yes, it is a lot, but the effects are long lasting and well worth the investment.)"

After I washed it out and went about my usual shower routine I found my hair was softer than usual.  I found this mask brought out the natural red in my hair, so I wouldn't recommend this for true blondes  (Check out LUSH's Marilyn instead).  I found my hair shiner, that frizz was decreased and that my split ends were much much better looking.

Applying this mask to dry hair feels a little awkward.  I suggest using a wide tooth comb to gently move the product through your hair.  I also started about 1/4 down my hair and them adding more product worked my way up.  This helped me budget out the mask so I could use as little as possible to properly cover my hair.

This stuff is expensive, however I could easily see myself using it once or twice a month.  While the instructions recommend using a full pot for long hair I managed to stretch  what I got and to just use half a tub.

Over all I really enjoyed this product and found it lived up to its claims.  While I am still new to the world of pre-shampoo treatments, I was really happy with these results.  The only thing I will note is that a strong herbal scent was infused in my hair for a day or two.  Not a bad scent, and likely not noticeable to others, but noticeable to me.

Taking care of long hair is tough, so I recommend every long haired lady, or those looking to grow out their hair that they find an oil for the ends of their hair, and a mask that they love and can see themselves using. 

Are there any hair masks you recommend?