Bath and Body Works | Endless Weekend Sunset Body Scrub

Monday 18 August 2014

I love a good body scrub.  Theres something about scrubbing my way to softness that I enjoy.  And there is no softer feeling after shaving than after using a scrub and lotion.

Bath and Body Works actually makes my favourite scrubs.  Generally they are rougher than the scrubs by The Body Shop, and they always come in a tube which I find more hygienic than the tubs that The Body Shop uses.  

I should also add another thing I like about Bath and Body Works: The scents.  I love that the scents are varied and unique and oh-so-delicious.  

I was initially attracted to this scrub for two reasons: The name, and the fact that the tube looked like it was full of summer.  Seriously-- this scrub looks like sand and seashells from the beach.  Let's talk about the name.  Who doesn't love the idea of endless weekends at the beach?  Flawless.

This product retails for about $18.

I know it is hard to see in photos, but the scrub has a pink opalescent sheen to it that while looks pretty doesn't last on the skin.

This scrub also smalls like the beach.  Vanilla, sandalwood, and a spritz of salty ocean water and sunscreen all come to mind in the most fantastic of ways.  Its not too feminine-- even my boyfriend liked the smell!  I found that the (beautiful) smell didn't last on my skin, but it sure filled up my shower!


When squeezed out of the tub it looks like a tiny pile of beach on my hand.  Can you see the opal sheen?

This is a rougher scrub that honestly feels like sand.  I love it because I know it is buffing away the dead skin, but I can see how those with delicate skin may not enjoy it.  

When it washes away there is no opal sheen, and the scent fades pretty quick.  My hand was left soft and clean.  When I used this in the shower my legs felt so wonderfully soft.  I can't wait to use it again! I get the impression that it is a limited edition product so I will be using it sparingly.

Over all I really like this product, as I do more Bath and Body Works scrubs.  I hope that make more in a similar formula.  While I enjoy the scent it isn't my favourite scent that they make.  However, it is prefect for summer, vacations, and the beach.  I also picked up another scrub while I was at the store which I will review later.

What is your all time favourite body scrub?

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