Summer Lovin', Happened So Fast, Summer Lovin' Had Me a Blast: Summer Love Tag

Tuesday 5 August 2014


There are so many things to love about summer: sunshine, flowers, pool parties, vacations, time off, dresses and skirts, not worrying about salt on the roads, not feeling like your face will be ripped off by the cold and the wind...

This tag has been floating around lately and I thought I would give it a try! My Summer Loves:

1. Summer Lipstick Love

My trust of true lipstick loves: MAC Lady Danger.  A summery matte red-orange that just makes me want to hop on a yacht in my Sperry's.  A girl can dream.  I have the Sperry's...just no yacht.

2. Summer Nail Polish Love

Kiss Me I'm Brazilian by OPI.  A perfect pink-coral to rock with a tan.

3. Summer Blush Love

I am a blush addict.  But my favourite of favourite blushes for the summer is the Naked Flushed Palette.  For a powder blush it is creamy, blend able, and long-lasting.  I love that it comes with a bronzer and highlighter.

4. Favourite Summer Drink

Diet Coke.  Always Diet Coke.

5. Favourite Fake Tan

NONE!  I have embraced my super paleness and slather on my SPF 60 like its nobody's business!  Safety first.

6. Favourite Summer Song

Summer Nights from Grease!

7. Favourite Summer Accessory

All of my fantastic and bright necklaces from BaubleBar!

8. Favourite Summer Fragrance

Daisy.  Light, summery, fresh, floral.  What more could you want for daily use?

9. Favourite Summer Book

Hahahahaha I can't recall the last time I had the time to read for pleasure.  I just picked up MArgaret Macmillan's The War That Ended Peace which I am hoping to start on my brief plane ride on Thursday.

10. What Are You Most Excited To Do This Summer?

My trip to Boston with the BF.  Outlet mall shopping, my first trip to Ulta, Sephora's US pricing, Cape Cod, Martha's Vinyard, and of course time to relax.  Maybe stop by Harvard?

What are your summer loves?

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