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Sunday 3 August 2014

I think that blush is my all time favourite colour cosmetic.  However, lipstick is a close, close second.  I think there is something just so fresh and pretty about having a nice flush of blush and some lipstick on.  It just brings any look together.  I saw this tag floating around Bloglovin' and despite not being tagged I decided to tag myself!  Why? Because I can.

Also I think it is really weird that people in the blogging community are taking to calling lip products "lippies".  It just sounds awkward to me.  Cool if you're an Aussie and that's what you actually call things.  But here in Canada...just no.  Lipgloss.  Lipstick.  Lip liner.  Lip products.  You get where I am going with this.  To me a "Collection of Lippies" is a collection of Deborah Lippman nail polish.

AAAAAnnnyways.  On to the quiz:

1. Favourite Lip Balm or Treatment: Bite Agave Lip Mask Champange

This is a super thick, luxurious feeling gloss that is jam packed with all sorts of good things for your lips.  I sampled the original in the winter on a particularly blistering day and if both repaired my chapped lips and protected them against the cold.  This mask claims to be just as effective (and from what I have seen so far it is.  But I haven't "Storm Tested" it if you will).  However while the original is clear, this one has a warm shimmery pink champagne tint that reminds me of NARS Orgasm lipgloss.  I have applied it before bed and woken up to softer lips, and worn it to work just because its pretty.  In short, I love that it is pretty and functional.  While I don't own it yet, I will be picking it up next week with the Sephora points promo.

2. Favourite Red: Stila Beso

Stila Beso and Hourglass Liquid Lipstick

Well, my favourite reds are also my Best MAC Lipstick Lady Danger, my Best Matte Lipstick by Hourglass, and my Best Liquid Lipstick by Stila.  I think it would be disingenuous to pick a red that wasn't one of these.

I had always wanted a picture of me in front of the Eiffel Tower wearing a bold red lip.  When push came to shove and I had Lady Danger and Stila Beso in my hand, I chose Beso to be my wing man in the photo.  Purely based on that decision alone, Beso is my favourite red.

3. Best Luxury Lipstick: YSL Nude Beige 1

YSL Nude Beige 1, UD Lovelight, MAC Lady Danger
Is it the intricate gold packaging?  The fact that when I say YSL only some people know what I mean? It is the impossible to place delicious scent of their lipstick?  I can't place my finger on it, but I know I see a shimmering aura around the YSL counters at Sephora and The Bay.  I know that when I apply my favourite nude by YSL that I feel like a lady.  And isn't that what luxury is?  Feeling like a lady.  I thought so.

4. Best MAC Lipstick: Lady Danger

I first fell in love with a matte orange-red lipstick when I lived in Nova Scotia.  It was a part of their limited edition nautical line from about three years ago.  Well, in the process of moving back from Halifax to Toronto it went missing!  I was actually really, really sad about that. When I descried it to the nice MAC lady she told me that "Lady Danger" was alllllllmost a dupe, so I picked it up and was pretty happy for a few months.  Until it went missing.  So I bought it again.  A month later?  I found the first Lady Danger (not the nautical one).  So now I have two of these lipsticks.

I love how they are a fresh twist on a classic red, and how bold I feel wearing it.  This colour is not universally flattering due to the orange, and that made me nervous at first.  However if you can pull it off, you can rock it.  I love it against my very fair skin because it pops.  I also think it would look fantastic on those with a deep complexion.

Long story short, if I love a lipstick enough to buy it three times, I think it merits being on the list.

5. Most Disappointing Lip Product The J-Cat Crayon

Uuuugh.  I hated that stupid J-Cay crayon that came in a previous Ipsy bag. Possibly Decembers?  It was a part of the bag that caused me to quit (I have since returned).  Low quality.  Who knows what went in there?  Awkward dark nude colour.  Waxy feel.  I don't even want to photograph it next to my beautiful favourites, but I will try to dig it up so that way nobody has to suffer by accidentally buying it.

The real question is, if I had zero expectations, it is really the most disappointing?  Or is it just the worst I have ever used?

FYI I really hated this product so I tossed it a while back.  Sorry

6. Do you wear lipliner: Sometimes

I own pink lip liners and nude lip liners and red lipliners and orange lip liners, but I only ever wear them if I am going out for something important, or am wearing a bold possibly runny colour.  I know why I should wear them but most mornings I just apply a gloss.  I don't always have time to do my make-up to the 9s...oh but if I did!

7. Favourite lipgloss: Bite Strangefruit

BITE Strangefruit, Revlon Colorburst
I received a mini of this lipgloss from a gift set I got for my birthday.  I had no idea I would love it as much as I did! In the tube it is a bright purple-fuschia shade.  It applies like a cool tone pink.  As the lip glow fades it leaves a vibrant stain.  I love the subtle fruity scent, and how it is glossy with out being too sticky. This gloss is bold enough to merit the love only lipsticks deserve.

8. Best matte lipstick: Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick "Rose" and "Raven"

This stuff is a total nightmare to take off...which means it stays on like nobody's business!  I actually have to fight to remove this.  Once its on I can talk, kiss, brush my teeth, eat and drink with basically no need to touch up.  It is a touch drying-- but all matte shades are.  I love wearing matte shades in the fall and winter.

9. Best liquid lipstick: Stila "Beso"

I have already raved about how this is my favourite red.  Sorry-- I won't go on again about why it is the best liquid lipstick.  Suffice to say it applies easily, dries to a matte finish and is only a little bit drying.

10. Best drugstore lipstick: Revlon

I am totally not a drugstore make up girl.  But, "I found love in a hopeless place" and found a few little Revlon treasured including their balm crayons.  I'm such a sucker for a good lip crayon.  These apply easily, and are long wearing given their price point.

11. Honourable mention: Urban Decay Love Light

The prettiest neutral lipstick I have ever tried and ever owned.  Perfect for work, for dates, for lazy days, for everything.

What are your favourite lip products?

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