Baublebar Order 2: So Many Things To Love

Friday 8 August 2014

This is my second order from Baublebar, and I may or may not have spent enough to get free shipping to Canada...In my defence, they were all so pretty and I had a hard time narrowing it down.  Also with Bauble Bar free shipping means they take care of the duties.

Let me start off by saying that opening this box was an utter delight.  It was so clearly packed with love and care that for once I actually photographed every step of my opening process.

First up I noticed a pretty little surprise: a free necklace that I didn't order. It is super pretty and delicate.

I then removed that card to find this!

A personalized little note thanking my for my purchase.  Bonus points for being adorable.

And then this!

All lined up and wrapped in their own little bag and then wrapped in bubble wrap.

Slim Bow Pendant $10
Colour: Rose Gold

My first bag I opened contained the $10 Buried Bauble I ordered.  It is a plain rose gold coloured necklace that I think would be great for layering.

Next up was actually something I didn't order. A hanging pair of earrings.  I'm not sure if they're my style, but I will give them a try!  And if not I will sanitize them and pass them on to a friend.

Daisy Chain Collar $15
Colour: White

I had to have this daisy necklace. It is just so bright and playful.  I love the idea of wearing this with a navy dress.  Maybe in Boston?  At Martha's Vineyard?  I don't see this transitioning well into fall so I will have to have some fun with it and then bring it out in the spring.

Vintage Garland Strand $44

More than I wanted to spend, but so pretttttttttttttty.  This will be a great Fall piece that I can't wait t wear on campus.  It is a little chunkier than I imagined, but I still love it.

Mint Opal Fringe Bib $40

Mint.  Opal.  Statement necklace.  It was in my cart without a second thought!  This one can be finicky in that the little bars easily spin around.  However it is utterly gorgeous.  I with the chain was thinner, but I can't wait to wear this out for drinks this afternoon.

All together:

I was really surprised to get two free items in this order.  I didn't know that Baublebar did "samples".  I am really satisfied with each piece I received.  I especially love the mint opal necklace.  Given how high the threshold for free shipping to Canada is I unfortunately will not be able to order from them frequently.  I wish I could!  I like the idea of ordering once every season or so to help update my wardrobe, so hopefully they will have some Christmas specials!  Baublebar necklaces can also be purchased in Canada in store at Anthropologie.

I think I will do some "Outfit Of The Day" posts with these necklaces included.

Have you ever ordered from Baulebar?  What was your experience?

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